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Colorbox YouTube BB Code

Support for uncategorized Addons in the AddonDB

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Posted 4 years ago instructions:

1. Replace the default youtube bbcode with this one.
2. Go to System Admin tab.
3. Click the BB Codes icon.
4. Find "Colorbox YouTube Flash Video Embedder" in the list.
5. Click Enable.

How to use:
After you followed the "Installation instructions" go to any option that is using bbcodes and click the YouTube icon and you will get this tag: [ youtube ] [ /youtube ]
Inside the tag add the YouTube ID, you will find it at the end of a YouTube video, Ex:

Other Info:
The difference from this version and the one from the pack is that this one won't let you use full links, you will need to use just the ID.

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Posted 4 years ago

Very Good!

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Posted 4 years ago

nice!Wink - russian nss

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Posted 4 years ago

Nice Wink
Hi! Its me, Ankur Thakur! :)

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Posted 4 years ago

Thanks guys, at first the idea was to put the Youtube Video in a Pop-up window, but php-fusion doesen't let us use "onclick" for security reasons, so i had to use Colorbox. xD

With this bbcode, we wont have the problem, when we have to wait for a Youtube video to load in a thread, now it's just the image Grin

It's not much but it's a start for a future BBcode that will use less space.
Anyway, thanks for likes, and please rate. xD

Best regards.

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