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tinyMCE not working
Hi, I have phpfusion 7.02 installed and have a problem with using tinyMCE.

buttons of tinyMCE appear in the editing for news and articles, but any content added is not being saved.

if i disable tinyMCE and try to edit an article all editing is saved without any problem, if tinyMCE is enabled no changes are being saved Sad

I have just tried it on two of my sites, the same problem on both....I have never used tinymce, so maybe I am doing somethign wrong?

btw, if i open article with tinymce for editing, save it and then open in for editing with tinymce disabled, i get <html/> in a snippet and content fields

Merged on Feb 18 2012 at 20:45:29:
tried on one more site, same resultShock any ideas?

all sites on different hosting
Edited by mns_Svetlana on 18-02-2012 18:45
Problems with clean PF?
What version - 7.02.00 ?
7.02.04 - file downloaded for installation <PHP-Fusion_7-02-04_full>

please explain 'Problems with clean PF?'
Do have just only PHP-Fusion without any modifications?
I have quite a few addons on two of the three sites, but one of them doesn't have any extras yet except for a theme.

the sites are:
[url]http://www.mesaorias.com [/url];
[url]http://www.mns-music.com [/url] and
[url]http://www.simplenunique.com [/url]

- the last one I have just started, so that's the one without any additions. Mesaorias is the one I have noticed a problem with as i need tinyMCE on that site, my members won't manage basic editing without.

Merged on Feb 28 2012 at 21:24:30:
any ideas anyoneFrown?
Edited by mns_Svetlana on 28-02-2012 19:24
I have also problems with TinyMCE. This problem is in IE. Not in Chrome for me. I did have problems in Chrome too. The editor didn't appear. Then i used a zipfile from this threat http://www.phpfus...owstart=10

Then the editor appeared in Chrome.
Richard Ainz
I have been unable to place my cursor inside TinyMCE text window for quite some time now. It is very odd, when making a news item I can type text in the "read more" window/editor in the lower part, but not in the "main" window in the upper part. 7.02.04 on three different sites, tried both Firefox and IE, both latest available versions at that time.
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It could be related to the additional javascripts that are loaded in the header and footer or with add_to_header add_to_footer commands.
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Same problem here, when trying to write in the custom pages or write articles etc.. buttons on TinyMCE does not work, and that it is difficult to send / save written text ..
nothing seems to work on this version of TinyMCE, This seems to have started
after the last update, I use IE9.

maybe time to go back to the old version...
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