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2Dark theme dropdown
Hello! Sorry for my bad english. I tried to install the infusion - CSS DROPDOWN MENU V1.0E by Smokeman. I put the php code into the banner section, but nothing happened. Then i read the thread for 2Dark theme and css dropdown menu where was wrote some code for theme.php [ to include ".showbanners()". I include it but nothing happened... can somebody give me php code that i can insert css dropdown menu into 2dark theme ? PM me if you need another information Smile
Post the theme here - the hole map with the theme in.

What's the link to your site btw ?
www.newspaper.gal... is my site.

Download source  Code


        Theme for PHP-Fusion V7.01
        Theme Name: 2Dark
        Description: Very minimal design, to bring out the content on the page.
        Version: 1.0
        Tags:  dark, two-columns, fixed-width.
        Modification: instructions are inside of README file.
        Author: SimpleVision
        site: http://simplevisi...      

        Copyright (c) 2010 SimpleVision.dk
        Licences: AGPLv3     

/// Theme general
define("THEME_BULLET", "");

if (!defined("IN_FUSION")) { die("Access Denied"); }
require_once INCLUDES."theme_functions_include.php";
function get_head_tags(){

function render_page($license=false) {
   global $aidlink, $locale, $settings, $main_style,$fusion_page_title;
   echo "<div class='wrapper'>
<div id='header'>
  <div id='menu'>    <div id='tools'>
<div id='logo'></div>
    <ul id='user-nav'>";
      echo "
              <li><a href='".BASEDIR."edit_profile.php'>".$locale['global_120']."</a> </li>
              <li><a href='".BASEDIR."messages.php'>".$locale['global_121']."</a></li>
              ".(iADMIN ? "<li><a href='".ADMIN."index.php".$aidlink."' >".$locale['global_123']."</a></li>" : "")."
              <li><a href='".BASEDIR."setuser.php?logout=yes'>".$locale['global_124']."</a></li>\n";
      echo "
              <li><a href='".BASEDIR."login.php'>".$locale['global_104']."</a></li>
              ".($settings['enable_registration'] ? "
              <li><a href='".BASEDIR."register.php'>".$locale['global_107']."</a></li>" : "");
   echo "
    <div id='container'> ".
            ? "forum/index.php" : preg_quote(FUSION_SELF)
         "\\1 class='current'",
   //   echo   render_search();
   echo       "       
<div id='banner'>
    <div id='bannerdump'>
<div class='content'> 
  <div id='main'  ".((LEFT || RIGHT) ? "": "style='width:100%'").">
  ".((LEFT || RIGHT) ? "<div id='side'>".RIGHT.LEFT."</div>" : "")."
   <div id='footer'>   
   <div class='right'><ul><li>".showcounter()."</li>   
      <li>".sprintf($locale['global_172'], substr((get_microtime() - START_TIME),0,4))."</li></ul></div>
      ".(!$license ? "<div>".showcopyright()."<br />Theme <b>2Dark</b> created by <a href='http://simplevision.dk/php-fusion/' lang='en' title='php-fusion themes'>simplevision</a> and funded by <a href='http://live-koncerter.dk' title='Koncerter i Danmark' lang='da'>koncerter i danmark</a></div>" : "").stripslashes($settings['footer'])."
   </div>   </div>
<script type='text/javascript' src='".THEME."js/fusion.js' ></script>
<script type='text/javascript'>
$().ready(function() { 


function render_news($subject, $news, $info) {
   global $locale;   
   opentable(isset($_GET['readmore'])?$subject: "");
   echo (isset($_GET['readmore'])? "": "<a href='news.php?readmore=".$info['news_id']."'><h2 class='panelcap'>".$info['news_subject']."</h2></a>");
   echo "<div class='item'>".$news."</div>
   <div class='item-footer'>
      ".newsposter($info," &middot;").newsopts($info," &middot;").itemoptions("N",$info['news_id'])."</div>";

function render_article($subject, $article, $info) {
   global $locale;   
   echo "<div class='item'>".($info['article_breaks'] == "y" ? nl2br($article) : $article)."</div>
   <div class='item-footer'>
      ".articleposter($info," &middot;").articleopts($info,"&middot;").itemoptions("A",$info['article_id']).

function opentable($title) {
   global $locale;   
   $fileName=basename(FUSION_SELF, ".php");
   $id = array_search($title, $locale);
   $css= $fileName." css".$id;
   echo "<div ".(preg_match("[^0-9]",$id)? "id='{$id}'":"")."  class='panelbody $css'>".(!empty($title) ? "<h2 class='panelcap'>$title </h2>" : "");

function closetable() {
   echo "</div>";

$panel_collapse = false;
function openside($title, $collapse = false, $state = "on") {
   static $box_id = 0; $box_id++;
   global $panel_collapse, $p_data; $panel_collapse = $collapse;
   if($p_data['panel_filename'] == "css_navigation_panel") $title = "";
   opentable(($collapse ? panelbutton($state,$box_id) : "").$title);
   echo ($collapse ? panelstate($state, $box_id) : "");

function closeside() {

   global $panel_collapse, $p_data;
   echo ($panel_collapse ? "</div>" : "");


smokeman wrote:

Post the theme here - the hole map with the theme in.

Well, have you tried with this theme.php:
http://www.php-fu...ost_149613 ?

That should work for you too.
I tried but it doesn't work... when i replace theme.php with newer i refresh my site and it gives error : www.newspaper.gal...
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