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Forum "Groups"
Its not exactly groups but I didn't know another way to put it.

Theres, Member, Moderators, Administrators, Super Administrators.

Well.... I kind of need more then this, is there a way to add more. User Groups is not exactly what I'm looking for. Nor ranks. I need more then those 4 "groups." I seem to not be able to figure out how to add more.

EDIT: And change their names!

Thanks for the help!

Hmm I think I've got it, All I got to do is edit maincore.php and the locale right? Though that seems a little too easy. Because they have to have rights to post etc etc etc. I'm assuming there is a way to do that as well. or would I have to manually add the rights when I change their "level" as well.

Merged on Apr 21 2012 at 19:14:26:
Yeah I did this, it works but it ends up making them as admin, kinda. Itll show the link for the admin panel but doesnt actually let them see, it will also tell them they need to set an admin password which they can do.
Edited by Fajen5569 on 21-04-2012 19:14
if you set the group level over 102 or 103 then I think the system makes them admins. 101 are members....
Helping, would be pointing you in the right direction, not doing it all for you.
Hmmm, so what if I did 100? I mean they would still register as a member, id only be changing to 100 after the registration process.
Edited by Fajen5569 on 21-04-2012 21:28
I get what your saying. Even if they are a moderator in a user group their user type says member
[img]http://thisfile.me/ss/1335065691-8.jpg[/img] is not a valid Image.
Ill post this in the Next tickets to have custom User Type titles, but keeping the same user type I.E they can be a Member, Admin, or Super Admin but with a custom title like "Moderator" or "Sysop" or "Owner" or "Founder", exc, exc.

I guess there needs to be a tutorial on adding new User Types. Ill make a full tutorial soon.
there is a tutorial already. its impossible without editing more than a few conditional checks....
Helping, would be pointing you in the right direction, not doing it all for you.
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