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Bug in v7.02.06

If you suspect you have found a bug or a code error post here.

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Posted 3 years ago

File: administration/panels.php
Line: 109
Code Gist: Download source  

echo "<li id='listItem_".$data['panel_id']."' class='".$row_color.($data['panel_status'] == 0 ? " pdisabled" : "")."'>\n";


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Posted 3 years ago

That is supposed to be pdisabled if you change it to just disabled and then look in your panels admin you will see the disabled panels don't show up properly. pdisabled it for the Drag N Drop function.

Code Gist: Download source  

$('.pdisabled').fadeTo(0, .5);

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Posted 3 years ago

Oh! It work now.

When I first time install, I use IE8 without flash-player installed, it not working...

One problem in search.php
Line 30:
$_GET['stext'] = urlencode(stripinput($_GET['stext']));

can I take off the stripinput() function, because I can't search some words contain special character like "&" ?

Merged on Jan 30 2013 at 13:05:07:
One bug in "search.php" again!
Line: 222
$search_result_array[] = $search_result;

I think it should change to this:
if ($search_result) { $search_result_array[] = $search_result; }

Merged on Feb 07 2013 at 07:25:30:
bugs in news start date and end date.
hours: 0~24
minute: 0~60
I think it should be
hours: 0~23
minute: 0~59
Edited by bp2000 on 07-02-2013 08:25

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