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7.02.05 Problems

If you suspect you have found a bug or a code error post here.

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Posted 3 years ago

We are using 7.02.05 I think.
Anyway the past time I have had problems. Some users say that they login then go to other page in the site än then they are logged in as an other user. I have my self experienced that when I go to forum I get logged out sometimes but if I go to an other page I am logged in again. Same with PM and settings I have even had users logged in that when they have gone to settings they get in to an admin account and can access the adminpanel.

Anyone heard of this before? I am thinking of reinstall the whole page but if there is a fix please let me know.

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Posted 3 years ago

It happens to me all the time when the Proxy performance in my corporate network is somehow reduced. I have to Force update all and every page outside of our intranet to make sure I do not repeat posts or logins or whatever.

Not saying this is your problem, DalRot, but a proxy could very well cause this.
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