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Infusions are not displayed in the droplist

Help and support for problems with infusions and panels

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Posted 2 years ago

hi ive followed manual also readme doc that comes with every fusion ive tried adding to my site and after completing i go to fusions in admin panel and i don't see the new item
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Posted 2 years ago

If you dont even see them in the list id say that you have not uploaded the correct folder structure.

Upload the contents of the files folder to your web server.
Double check so the selected Infusions folder goes to your infusions folder, ie infusions/your_downloaded_infusions/infusion.php ( See Image for details)

Login to your site as Administrator. Go to your Administration,
click the System Administration tab, select Infusions and find your uploaded Infusion in the list.
Mark this in the selection and press Infuse.

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Posted 10 months ago

I am having the same problems as well. I have verified that the infusion has been uploaded. Perhaps that I missed something but it was sent via FTP to the Infusions folder in Public HTML and is in my WWW folder as well. I am using CPANEL for my website. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted 10 months ago

If it is an approved and fully working infusion it is always the folder structure.
Please see the picture above, move your infusion so it´s own folder name are the root like the image - example Infusions/your_infusion/infusion.php

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Posted 10 months ago

If there is an error in the infusion.php, the infusion will not show up in the list

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Posted 1 month ago

I just posted a similar post having the same problem. will try this solution and get right back to ya!

Merged on Mar 11 2017 at 16:52:42:
No, Mine looks like this:
Edited by Kind_Aj on 12-03-2017 00:57

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Posted 1 month ago

upload the image to your server and use the [img] tag works as well.

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