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Download update datestamp fix

Downloads Issues (9)

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Posted 9 months ago

I don't know if this was a know issue yet, but currently editing a download item will update the datestamp for it, no matter if it was checked or not in the admin.
But it's easy to fix (but took me some time to figure it out). In the admin/downloads.php file, around line 89 you can find this:
Code Gist: Download source  

'download_datestamp' => isset($_POST['update_datestamp']) ? time() : $data['download_datestamp']

Just simply edit the "$data" to "$_POST" and it's all solved:
Code Gist: Download source  

'download_datestamp' => isset($_POST['update_datestamp']) ? time() : $_POST['download_datestamp']

The reason for this that the $data['download_datestamp'] is empty here, because the database query happens later in the code. So because of that, the value stays the default given in the array (which is time()). And there is a hidden form already with the download_datestamp value, so that's it, no other modification needed. I guess it was just a typo, or something.
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Posted 9 months ago

Hi Driv3r , thank you for taking time at the codes.

Can you submit a pull request to the 9.01 repo? This way, it's more time efficient. Only me reviewing the codes at the moment.

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