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Developed by : Domi , Hien (Website)
Demo Url: Demo Website

Category : Shopping Cart - Infusion

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Publisher's Description

The readme is quite comprehensive, please go thru it for answers.
Also check the settings section, you can control this shop well from it.

Some features the eShop have :

* Highly customizable product view
* Fully dynamic cart actions
* Coupon system, Percent or Sum based with definable start and stop times.
* Featured products with customizable order and products for frontpage and each category.
* Featured headers with customizable order, banner rotator for frontpage and each category.
* 3 ribbon levels ( New,Campaign,Incoming )
* Sortable product ordering
* Sortable product image gallery's
* Unlimited Categories
* Customizable shipping methods
* Customizable payment methods
* Customizable callback scripts
* Comprehensive orders and orders history management
* Customer registry connected to user id
* Filtering options for both product search and general listings
* Automatic stock management
* Sold products counter
* Useable even if you have only a few products without categories
* PayPal ready to go out of the box
* Guests can shop

And ofc much more..

Editor's Review

by Falk on 11/11/2014

The first official E-Commerce solution which offers plenty of features from product cataloging, delivery & shipping, tax, advertisement banners, and more. Highly rated.

Editor's Verdict

Total Score of (78/80)


Addon Uniqueness100%

Addon Size and Features90%

Addon Thoroughly tested and Established90%

Addon Versions Compatibility100%

Addon Type100%

Editors Opinion100%

Authors Fame Factor100%

Value for Money100%

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Additional Information


November 11 2014 01:36:44


Domi, Hien


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Current Version

Version 1.1

Made for PHP-Fusion



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Version Details

1.1, Downloaded 2051 Times

Support Thread


Shop Issues (9)

6 Replies 9,224 Views Last Updated on 9 months ago




Posted 1 year ago

Has anyone tried the eshop on Version 9.RC3?
And is it working?


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Super Admin


Posted 1 year ago

It works but throws token error ( only for Admin ) all form opening and closing need to be done with token function to be correct in 9.

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Posted 1 year ago

Thanks..... sounds like more work then i have now


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Joined: 24/12/2015

Posted 12 months ago

I love your infusion, it is perfect for what I need to do. I searched all the files trying to find the "EUR" to change it to USD and could not find it, can you tell me where it is?

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Posted 12 months ago

Good to hear, you will find it under Settings. Default currency.

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Posted 9 months ago

modification does not work (the administration is fine) but to me the shop pops up an error : Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getcolorname() (previously declared in /home/u823014073/public_html/files/includes/html_buttons_include.php:27) in /home/u823014073/public_html/files/infusions/eshop/functions.php on line 883 (sorry i used google translator)

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Posted 9 months ago

Ah you use it on 9,some functions I had was moved to 9. You must open eshop/functions.php and remove the function getcolorname()
Please note that it is for 7. a 9 version have not been released.

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