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PHP-Fusion Manual


Pre-installation Checks

Before you start the installation procedure you must set the correct permissions for the files listed below.

These files/folders must be set (CHMOD) to 777

  • administration/db_backups/
  • downloads/
  • downloads/images/
  • downloads/submissions/
  • downloads/submissions/images/
  • forum/attachments/
  • ftp_upload/
  • images/
  • images/imagelist.js
  • images/articles/
  • images/avatars/
  • images/news/
  • images/news/thumbs/
  • images/news_cats/
  • images/photoalbum/
  • images/photoalbum/submissions/
  • config.php

This can be done either in your FTP program or in the Server CP.

You must also rename "_config.php" to "config.php" before continuing.

Now to begin installing your site, you need to open your web browser and navigate to your site. For the purposes of this document we will assume your site is not a sub-domain. So, open your site; http://www.yoursite.com/
If for any reason this does not automatically open the setup file, then you will need to manually type in http://www.yoursite.com/setup.php into the address bar in your browser.

Step 1:
Step 1

If you wish to install your site using a different language, you must first download the locale files (if available) from the downloads section. Otherwise, just click Next

Step 2:
Step 2

If you have set the correct permissions you should see a complete column of "Passed".
If any any are marked: Failed, like this...

You will need to go back and recheck you have set the correct permissions as set out above. You will not be allowed to continue to the next step until this is done. Once you're ready and everything is set right, click next to go to the next step.

Step 3:

Step 3

Enter in your database information, leave Database Hostname set as "localhost" unless otherwise told to by your web host.

The table and cookie prefixes are randomly generated as a security measure and do not need to be altered. However, you can enter your own prefixes should you wish to do so. The only stipulation is that they are random letters and numbers and are unique. If you are unsure, leave them as they are.

Step 4:

If you have correctly entered all the required information, you should see this...
Step 4

If for any reason, you recieve a warning message, go back and recheck that you have entered the correct details and that the database (MySQL) user has read, write and delete permission for the selected database. You may need to contact your web host to check this for you.
Make sure you've removed the underscore "_" from config.php and set it's permissions to 777.
Once done, click next.

Step 5:

Step 5

You now need to enter in the details for the Primary (User 1) Super Admin. It is recommended that as a Super Administrator your passwords use random letters, numbers and characters to prevent anyone ever gaining access to your account as the #1 Super Admin has complete access to every section of the site. Never use your name, date of birth or part of your phone number or any other personal details that can be guessed by others. All the main browsers have built in password managers, thereby relieving you of the need to remember them. You could also use an encrypted password manager like KeePass to keep your passwords safe. After entering in your details, click next.

Step 6:

Step 6

Nearly Finished. By reaching this screen, it means your database tables have been successfully created and populated and that your site is ready for viewing and configuration. Click Finish.

This is what you will see...

There are still a couple of things you need to do. First, log in to your site using the login details you entered in step 5.
Finish Warning

You will see a warning reminding you to delete setup.php immediately. You must do this immediately as leaving it on your web server would leave your site extremely vunerable.
You must also reset the permissions for config.php back to 644, also very important for the security of your site.

Installation Complete:
Install Complete

Your site is now fully installed and ready for you to start adapting it to your needs and to make it your own.

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