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PHP-Fusion 9 RC 3 Status Report

Due to popluar demand, here is a status report.

The RC 3 have already had just a little over 80 public issues settled and probably just as many, if not more non public ones simply patched in to the Github.

None of the Issues have been serious.

The RC 3 version have proved to be very stable with only some minor glitches here and there.

A complete list of the publicly patched issues can be found in Fixed issues since RC 3

Thank you for all the reports and testing !

PHP-Fusion 9 RC 3 Available

A little over 2 months have passed since we released PHP-Fusion 9.0 RC 2.
Because of the amount of issues and the fact that we want to prepare a new Main site with 9 as we release it an extra RC was required.

Over 167 Reported issues on Github have been settled, just as many adjustments and various additional fixes have been applied.

The PHP-Fusion Community are still very helpful and we are still getting closer to perfection by the day.
I would like to give a huge Thank You to everyone involved!

Download PHP-Fusion 9 RC 3 here
Development & Design

PHP-Fusion 9 RC 2 Status Report

Quite a few Testers, Developers have stepped up and helped us with error reports, fixes, optimizations and so forth.

This pleases us a lot, we really appreciate it, thank you again everyone that provides with a helping hand, you will not be forgotten!

If you have contributed to 9 and if I have not been mentioned in the readme, please let me know and I will adjust accordingly.

PHP-Fusion 9 RC 2 Available

Almost a month have passed since we released PHP-Fusion 9.0 RC 1.

Over 90 Reported issues on Github have been settled, just as many adjustments and various additional fixes have been applied.

The PHP-Fusion Community have been very helpful and overwhelmingly positive to the Development of this version.
We are getting closer to perfection by the day.

I would like to give a huge Thank You to everyone involved!

Download PHP-Fusion 9 RC 2 here

Welcome to a new Spanish NSS

National Support Network
I welcome a new Spanish site to the ranks of our National Support Sites.
Welcome PHP-Fusion Spain

The former domain expired and it was not able to be saved.
FsDk, Talocha and their team is working hard to get a new Spanish NSS up and running on PHP-Fusion 9.

I Thank you FsDk, Talocha and your Team over at the Spanish NSS for all your hard work so far.

Welcome back Hungarian NSS

National Support Network
_Ephyx over at PHP-Fusion Hungary decided to re-open the site.

Welcome back !

I Thank you _Ephyx and your Team over at the Hungarian NSS for all your dedication !

PHP-Fusion 9 RC 1 Available

The wait have been long, The Development have been longer.
If we made a full change log it would be a complete book to read.
Instead we will give you some reminders of what we promised to deliver and some of the highlights PHP-Fusion 9 offers.

We put the bar high with some really high goals and ambitions in the Development Plan made 10/09/2013.

I am proud over the fact that basically all the major milestones we had set for PHP-Fusion 9 in the Development Plan have been more than fulfilled.

Download PHP-Fusion 9 RC 1 here

Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2016

PHP Fusion Network
To all our Administrators, National Support Sites, Co-workers, Users, Supporters and to all our friends, fellow Fusioneers and your families we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Donīt miss our Christmas Gift : PHP-Fusion 9 RC 1 Available

PHP-Fusion 9 GFX Preview

Development & Design
The release of PHP-Fusion 9 RC is just around the corner.
We have stabilized The 9 Core and most of the concerns we have had with a few things is settled.
Basic functionality and some more advanced functionality is currently being fine tuned before we do the release.
Additionally there are some candy in the pipeline for the new Atom engine.
I will let these images speak for us.

PHP-Fusion Coding Standards

Development & Design
We started on a PHP-Fusion Coding Standards section to avoid some confusion now when we are getting close to a stable release of PHP-Fusion 9.

The Standards will eventually be deeply interconnected to our Functions and examples once we have documented Fusion Dynamics, Defender, Geomap etc.
The Standards reflects some old Standards that most people used to follow but never really had documented.
Some of these Standards were mixed with our Infusion Standards and some is simply how Nick always did.
Beyond all that, these Standards is a large mix of how Drupal, WP, Codeigniter & Pear have their Standards.
We selected the ones that reminds us most of how we have done in the past from the mentioned sources.

This is naturally a work in progress, not all files have been updated to reflect these Standards yet.
Most of these Standards will be finalized when everything is documented.

Visit PHP-Fusion Coding Standards for more information.

Prolonged Development

Prolonged Development always have itīs reasons, some are better than others.
Let us share our reasons and our story behind these reasons.

About 1 year ago an entrepreneur contacted us.
This entrepreneur had so much faith in PHP-Fusion 9, realizing that it will most likely be one of the strongest PHP-Fusion versions yet.

Version 9 Development Progress

Development & Design
Our Developer team breached 2,000 commits as of 12 hours ago.
It is our all time high since the launch of PHP-Fusion 9 Beta 1.
Considering that we launched this version about 6 months ago, it is very pleasing to see how well it is taking shape.
In average we are doing no less than 11 commits per day.
In total there are about 833,046 lines of code that has been added and 581,391 lines of codes that have been deleted.

Merry Christmas 2014

Site News
To all our Administrators, National Support Sites, Co-workers, Users, Supporters and to all our friends and their families we wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Documentation optimisations

Documentation optimisations have been required in order to reduce our information sources to a less divided state as compared to before this update.

Our new Documentation system will cover our needs.

Here is a list of the site changes with a short explanation attached to it,

The features list is quite hard to maintain, If we try to maintain it as it is designed today it will bloat.
Not many computer screens is wide enough for that in itīs current shape and form.
Features compare have been removed and replaced by a simple Features List

The edocs was a well made but still hardcoded manual to our system.
The hardcoded part makes it hard to maintain and it also collided in large parts with the V7 Manual made by Janmol making it ambiguous.

The Documentation system was a great effort to make dynamic documentation for the Main site, however it collided with both of the above systems and covered very little of all the topics it should for it to be taken as a serious replacement for any of the above.

edocs and Documentation system have been removed and replaced by PHP-Fusion Documentation.

The fusion functions system have been working well, however it bloats the system with a lot of tracking information.
We did not feel that this system was a good candidate for continued development against an all in one solution.
The fusion functions system have been completely removed and replaced by Devlopment Documentation

While none of the old documentation systems above covered new features since about PHP-Fusion v7.01 the new documentation system covers all current features and even some that only exist in PHP-Fusion 9.

A system wide search module have also been enabled for this Documentation system, you can try it here.

Please remember that this is a work in progress, the system will constantly be refined.

Since it will take a while for the web crawlers to update, the sooner we did this change the better it is for us.

As a measure while the crawlers update their data, the PHP-Fusion 9.0 custom error system have been enabled with a few customized links added for 404 errors.

PHP-Fusion 9.0 Beta

PHP-Fusion 9.0 Beta

We want to invite everyone to test and improve this beta version with us.

You will always be able to download the latest beta from Here

We will keep this beta as a floating one, meaning that fixes can and will happened on a daily basis for the download above.

Please report any problems you have in our open PHP-Fusion 9 Beta Forum

We do not expect the beta to run more than 1 month.

I would like to take a moment and explain why we will call this version for PHP-Fusion 9.0.
Only because of the confusion it may cause since PHP-Fusion 8 was next in line.
A lot of people have pointed out the fact that we have been on Version 7 for years.
The same people also stress that this is one very strong version we are releasing.
We could not agree more, naturally we also have that feeling, after all, that is why we release it.

Let me explain the versioning in PHP-Fusion.
Our versioning is not that complex as it may seem to be at a first glance.
PHP-Fusion have 3 steps with more than enough possibilities for our needs.
In the version as we have today - 7.02.07,
The 7 is the branch version.
The .02 is the Major version within the 7 branch.
The .07 is a Lesser version within the 7.02 branch.

A Branch version contains many significant features and functions not seen in the previous branch.
A lot of documentation will be required for all the new features and functions introduced.

A Major version can contain larger functional changes that may have an impact on the system and itīs way to handle things.
A Major upgrade will require that you have some basic knowledge of the changes made, in order to make a safe transition from your previous version.

A Lesser version is not allowed to have any structural or functional changes.
The upgrade need to be fairly simple.

This PHP-Fusion version actually contain just about all improvements and even some of the items from the wish list initially planned for PHP-Fusion 8.
We have taken the Development for Tesseract much further than the initial Development plan, promoting it as PHP-Fusion 8.
If we were to launch an PHP-Fusion 8.0 that did not do the things we have completed and displayed to the public for Tesseract, people would simply become disappointed.

Thatīs why we will start a new chapter with PHP-Fusion 9 while the Development for Tesseract continues.
Tesserect will most likely be a version 10, for now we just call it Tesseract.

It have been our plan to continue the Development of PHP-Fusion 7 after the release of Tesseract.

We believe that the two versions will work well with different paths of what they are good at.

Tesseract need a lot of more Development hours before it is ready for a public release.

With the above in mind it makes a lot of sense to spend a couple of months to Finnish PHP-Fusion 9 with the features we could before releasing Tesseract.

Current PHP-Fusion 9.0 ChangeLog ,

Introducing SEO - A fully integrated and comprehensive SEO engine built for PHP-Fusion with itīs own Administration.
The SEO Engine utilize modules for itīs rules. These modules can be enabled or disabled with a click of a button ( Enable / Disable ) for each native section such as ,
News, Forums, Articles, Photogallery, Downloads, User Profile, Web links, Submissions, Search, Login/Logout, Print Pages, Messages etc.

Introducing Multilingual Features - PHP-Fusion have from this day forth a full core support for Multilingual content together with several relevant APIīs that have been developed for smooth and easy implementations for your Infusions and for itīs settings.
Multilingual support have been implemented in all native Infusions.

Introducing PDO Functions - PHP-Fusion can now be run with full PDO support.
PDO provides a data-access abstraction layer, which means that, regardless of which database you"re using, you use the same functions to issue queries and fetch data.
The PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension defines a light-weight, consistent interface for accessing databases in PHP.
"PDO does not provide a database abstraction, it does not rewrite SQL or emulate missing features". Meaning that we still base our calls on MySQL.

Introducing User Fields API 1.2 - Now supporting off userDB tables, which allows to extend User Fields to End application level, if you want to link Ebay account into PF, now you can. You can create an endless menu with customized classes in profile with this.

Introducing customized error messages with the help of error.php and .htaccess - We use localized text and images for the error reporting of the following HTTP errors,
ErrorDocument 400, ErrorDocument 401, ErrorDocument 403, ErrorDocument 404, ErrorDocument 500

Introducing Administration area Theming capabilities - You can now create your own customized Themes for the Administration area.

Introducing Bootstrap support - Bootstrap 3.2 are now loaded with our Core. You can toggle it from main settings.

Introducing new login methods, you can select between user name and email or both. (Administration > Settings > Misc).

Introducing Email templates - You can now have customized emails sent for Contact, Notification PM , Notification threads.

Introducing Two new panel positions - AU_CENTER ( Above upper center ) and BL_CENTER (Below Lower Center).
The idea is to enable two extra panel positions that have full theme width like subheader and footer while these positions can be populated with panel content like any other panel position via the Panel Administration.
Panels can also be enabled for only a few selected languages or all enabled languages.

Introducing User Blacklisting function - Now Users can block each other and apply user blocking actions.

Introducing Tokens - We now inject Tokens to forms in order to prevent both bots and hacking attempts, Session is created for tokens in maincore.php.

Added a new Stock Theme Called Venus have been created and are included as the default theme for the new Administration area.
Added a new Stock Theme, Bootstrapped to act as default theme, Fully responsive with custom login template.
Added a standard mobile menu.
Added a new login template for Administration access instead of Admin password within the Area.
Added a new RSS Feeds Panel for News, Forums, Downloads, Articles, Web Links.
Added locale files for errors in all admin pages.
Added new content indicator icons added, hot, attach, image_attach, poll in Forums.
Added a MIME file type check setting toggler can be found in Misc settings.
Added a option to add forum category description.
Added a option to show last user post avatar in forum.
Added a themes/templates/default.css which will contain some default css rules.
Added /images/flags for each country.
Added a forum index was reformatted to be a bit more semantic and added more css classes.
Added an Alert before deleting comment.
Added Threads per page, Posts per page in Administration > Settings > Items per page.
Added html_entity_decode() to the short description box in downloads.php.
Added function output handling to add add_to_jquery() was introduced to semantically add Jquery scripts across files.
Added functions in footer, header, admin header, admin_header_mce to support SEO, and the new Admin Theme.
Added Entypo icons as basic default icon selection.
Added Notification UI query stacks - Pulled from Tesseract - function notify();.
Added Jquery cookie to core pack includes/.
Added Js table sorter -
Added Filter for JS based Bootstrap page navigation
Added Chain select library - pulled from Tesseract for double chain selections. - supported by form_select();
Added Fusion Dynamics and Fusion Defender - 2 out of 5 development branches made for Tesseract to 9.

The Fusion Dynamics - is functional form builder components.
The Fusion Defender - is a new security class.

Added Auto validation of sessions and fields generated by Dyanamics.

Added Auto Field Validation -
1. added text validation for Dynamics.
2. added number validation for Dynamics.
3. added email validation for Dynamics.
4. added required validation for Dyanmics.
5. added file checking and file uploading for Dynamics.
6. Retrenched other types reserved for Tesseract.

Dynamics API to Core,
- Complete rewrite of all admin files.
- Dynamics should be read together with Bootstrap 3.2 integration as default HTML markup selection.
- Dynamics should be read together with latest Jquery output handling.
- Dynamics should be read together with Defender.
- Following Inputs introduced ,
1. text field
2. text area field
3. select2 js ( for dropdowns
4. toggle switches ( for checkboxes
5. ajax user search - off branch select2();
6. colorpicker - (
7. Datepicker Calendar - (
8. File input - (

Extended Quote BBcode.
Extended Quote optimizations.

Updated BBCodes to support PHP 5.5
Updated phpmailer class from 5.2.6 to 5.2.8.
Updated TinyMCE editor to 4.0.
Updated jQuery version.
Updated Colorbox version.
Updated colorbox.css.
Updated db_backup.php.

Changed Panel Administration - We wanted to make it more interesting - Panel Admin is now more visual.
Changed User info Panel - Avatar, messages box statusbars and some more standard options have been implemented.
Changed user signature from TEXT to VARCHAR(500).
Changed forum_threads_panel - Now follows the Threads per page setting as limit.
Changed Search.php have been rewritten for SEO modules to work - All themes need to update theme’s form method=get to method=post to support SEO.

Fixed a bug in cleanup process after a user is deleted.
Fixed IP Ban range issues in IP_handling_include.php.
Fixed an issue in setup.php.
Fixed a problem with index.php as starting page if the opening page are empty.
Fixed Deprecated: preg_replace() in url_bbcode_include.php.
Fixed and tweaked ICQ bbcode.
Fixed Avatar resize bug.
Fixed a bug with show/hide signature
Fixed a unset error in maincore.php
Fixed HTML typos in blacklist, errors, articles, login and news.
Fixed a panel restriction bug.
Fixed a potential url issue in viewthread.php.

Replaced PHP-Fusion Admin Icons.
Replaced many & with &.
Replaced All html hardcoded forms, the entire system have been replaced with Fusion Dynamics.

jscript.js Has been beautified in order to facilitate further modifications.
Optimized some images using
Setup Has been beautified

Removed Admin password requirement inside varius Admin sections
Removed tbl2 from maintenance.php
Removed "correctPNG()" function in jscript.php
Removed the MSN user field
Removed readarticle.php.
Removed hidden text from search results.

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PHP-Fusion is an all in one integrated and scalable platform that will fit any purpose when it comes to website productions, whether you are creating community portals or personal sites. Founded as an open source project under the GNU AGPL v3, PHP-Fusion is licensed to be open and free to use. Derivative codes must be shared unless we grant you a license to waive the AGPL agreement. This is what we believe gives the best possible protection for both PHP-Fusion and all the Developers that creates Addons for PHP-Fusion.

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