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PHP-Fusion v7.01 Release Candidate 3
PHP-FusionAfter a tough week of intensive testing and bug-fixing the upcoming PHP-Fusion 7.01 version we are now ready with the next (and hopefully last) Release Candidate version. All bugs and errors should now be fixed but we are still looking for more to be absolutely certain that the final version is as good and flawless as possible.

How to upgrade from RC2?
The new Release Candidate version requires a database upgrade which is located in db_updates/db_update 10-06-09.txt. This should be copied into a Custom Page and be previewed, not saved in order to upgrade your database correctly.

// Alter news table and add medium image field
$result = dbquery("ALTER TABLE ".DB_NEWS." ADD news_image_t2 VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL DEFAULT '' AFTER news_image_t1");

// Alter tables and add hidden fields
$result = dbquery("ALTER TABLE ".DB_COMMENTS." ADD comment_hidden TINYINT(1) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'");
$result = dbquery("ALTER TABLE ".DB_SHOUTBOX." ADD shout_hidden TINYINT(1) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'");
$result = dbquery("ALTER TABLE ".DB_THREADS." ADD thread_hidden TINYINT(1) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'");
$result = dbquery("ALTER TABLE ".DB_POSTS." ADD post_hidden TINYINT(1) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'");

// Insert new settings
$result = dbquery("INSERT INTO ".DB_SETTINGS." (settings_name, settings_value) VALUES ('news_photo_w', '400')");
$result = dbquery("INSERT INTO ".DB_SETTINGS." (settings_name, settings_value) VALUES ('news_photo_h', '300')");
$result = dbquery("INSERT INTO ".DB_SETTINGS." (settings_name, settings_value) VALUES ('news_image_frontpage', '0')");
$result = dbquery("INSERT INTO ".DB_SETTINGS." (settings_name, settings_value) VALUES ('news_image_readmore', '0')");
$result = dbquery("INSERT INTO ".DB_SETTINGS." (settings_name, settings_value) VALUES ('deactivation_action', '0')");

// Update admin settings pages
$result = dbquery("SELECT * FROM ".DB_ADMIN." WHERE admin_page='4'");
while ($data = dbarray($result)) {
$newname = str_replace(" Settings", "", $data['admin_title']);
$result2 = dbquery("UPDATE ".DB_ADMIN." SET admin_title='".$newname."' WHERE admin_id='".$data['admin_id']."'");

Who should use this version?
Release Candidate versions are for developers and experienced users who want to help testing the new version. Use it at your own risk.

What should you focus on testing?
We want everyone who is testing the RC3 version to focus on testing the setup (setting up a site from scratch, installing for first time) and upgrade from PHP-Fusion v7.00.xx (upgrade from v7.00) and PHP-Fusion v6.01.xx (upgrade from v6.01) to make sure the setup and upgrade scripts are working correctly.

Changes from PHP-Fusion v7.01 RC2
-Huge amount of bug fixes reported by you guys. All reported bugs are now fixed.
-Some changes in the User Management System, mostly minor bugs such as hardcoded text.
-Deactivation of inactive members now has an option if you want to delete inactive users or anonymize them.
-News items now has a medium sized images and two new settings to control the size of it.
-From the news settings admin page you can now specify to use category- or uploaded-image on news front-page and readmore.
-Field added to comments table for hiding comments (comment_hidden).
-Field added to shoutbox table for hiding shouts (shout_hidden).
-Field added to threads table for hiding threads (thread_hidden).
-Field added to posts table for hiding posts (post_hidden).
-Move posts from one thread to another is now working.
-iAUTH improved with hashing

Specific changes in the setup script:
-More reliable check for writable files and folders
-Will try to make a folder or file writable if it is not already
-More uniquely db_prefix generated on default
-If db_prefix is missing "_" at the end it will be automatically added
-Better error messages upon connect to mysql
-Error message if username / password is wrong
-Error message if database does not exist
-Error when db_prefix is already in use
-If mysql connect fails and you go back the imputed fields will not be blank but the values you submitted except mysql user password
-Checks if the mysql user has write and delete rights for the database before creating any tables
-Checks if data has already been written to the database in case someone refresh the page on step 6.
-Attempts to chmod config.php back to 0644 when setup is completed.

Where do I download?
Download PHP-Fusion v7.01 RC3 - [2.7 MB] - Post any bugs or suspected errors in this thread.
starefossen on June 10 2010 23:56:20
5951 #6 starefossen

on Jun 20 2010 at 10:58:43
RC 4 is comming soon, stay tuned Wink
708 #7 Ken

on Jun 28 2010 at 22:45:21
I really hope v7.01 will take care of all the nonsens member registrations. It's driving me nuts removing all those stupid bots registrations.
30683 #8 xReal

on Jun 30 2010 at 16:22:44
20992 #9 AndyP

on Jul 08 2010 at 21:51:55
Is there a timeframe for a release of 7.01?
45859 #10 seputarsoftware

on Sep 18 2012 at 10:33:27
I really hope v7.01 will take trouble of all the nonsens limb registrations. Sepeda Motor Bebek Injeksi Kencang dan Irit Jupiter Z1 It's driving me nuts removing all persons obtuse bots registrations.
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