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Status Report 01 on v8
Development & Design

Patience is a virtue. Yet sometimes the wait is longer than perhaps expected. Since the 8 site came alive it seems more has been going on behind the scenes (or behind the site, if you will) than I was originally aware of. These damn coders. All I see is the SVN and I hardly understand what is submitted. So I end up thinking "no one sent me a five page report in triplicate about having anything done so little or nothing is done".


I could not be more mistaken. We have ample progress in a number of areas:


  • A new Theme engine is almost done for beta testing
  • The Messaging system is overhauled and remade
  • Subcategories for all related systems is nearing completion
  • The Hooks system is well on its way, and we need that before we can start coding all the functions in to modules (blog, forum, news, etc...)
  • Contact page is nearly done as per request
  • The Administration Panel is also getting well deserved attention


Now, do not start whining about "the rest". We will get there. Some things, many actually, are dependant on each other (like Modules relies on Hooks) and need to be coded in a certain order.


I wish to express my gratitude to many who have done a lot so far without me having to tell anyone what to do (ideal for a code inept coordinator). There is still a LOT more to do and we need ALL that may help out with anything you like. We have no current testing site, there is too little yet to put that up, but I will urge our coders to provide the grounds for such a place as soon as possible.


In particular I need to thank Christian, our Lead Dev, for his immense patience, talking to me about anything from the site structure to versioning issues. We are fortunate to have him!


We have people helping out from India, Austria, Denmark, England, Scotland, Italy, Romania, Poland, Russia, U.S.A and a few more countries. It feels great! It smells like 8!

Thank you all!

Richard Ainz on July 16 2012 15:01:07
1350 #6 Richard Ainz

on Jul 23 2012 at 09:28:14

Do not expect a lot there, yet.
6835 #7 jim shorts

on Aug 12 2012 at 22:46:11
Why not incorporate a better SEO system. I would change all my sites over to Fusion if the DEV team did this.
41961 #8 Ouch-splat

on Jul 07 2013 at 17:34:02
Is work still in progress? No posts in almost a year?
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