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2013? 2013!

I am pleased to be able to wish you all a Happy New Year!

We did not make it for an Alpha or Beta version of PHP-Fusion 8. This is sad, but it is also a "reality check", if you like. Our dependency on a few dedicated developers and their free time is unconditional and absolute. Is this a good thing? Yes and no. Yes, because we can be sure that we get quality code with focus on security. No, because more people can do more. The issue is "control". It is not that simple, guys.


What can we expect for 2013?


It may not be up to me to make promises for PHP-Fusion in 2013. I do know this though:

  • We migrate the 8 site to a VPS during the first week of January (this will bring in some more serverside possibilities)
  • From the 8 of January a new coding push is expected
  • The Theme Competition will be announced and start before or around mid January

This is what I know today and what I am able to control.




On a more general approach I would like to see more involved people in development. As mentioned earlier, this is no easy task to control, but I figure we need to put the Team Leaders for Development and the Senior Developers back in a supervising role and have them check what others do with friendly, constructive corrections. Their knowledge must be spread to other community members and we need to build a broader developer base, both in regards to Themes and Core as well as Infusions. In short, we need to build our future.


Should we fail to do this as needed, PHP-Fusion will have no future. We can no longer depend on 2-3 people to do the job for 30-50.000 or more. You need to come forward, to show us and yourself that PHP-Fusion has a strong community of developers. Even if you are not a developer you may have ideas. You may spread PHP-Fusion among friends and colleagues.


Maybe I just need to become tougher. To demand more. To start sending angry PM's to people on diverse lists. To set up deadlines and to force coders to uphold them "or else!". Ban more members, denounce more sites for closure to their hosts and generally speaking, become a meaner person.


That is not my way. I believe in the Community. I believe that each one of you, taking the time to read this, have a genuine interest for PHP-Fusion and in helping us all to shape a better, richer CMS. That is my hope for PHP-Fusion. That is my wish for the Community. That is my goal as one of your leaders.




Richard Ainz on December 31 2012 16:58:48
13606 #1 HobbyMan

on Jan 01 2013 at 12:04:58
I'd follow you anywhere, m8 Smile
Happy New Year!
44373 #2 Gillette

on Jan 02 2013 at 04:40:43
My New Year Resolution(s) are:
1) Make more time for PHP-Fusion
2) Contribute To Dev.
3) Get Projects completed.

I Understand backlog & "Real Life" ,I Also Understand Open Source Code Projects,My main goal for this new year is to spend as much time as I can to aid in the dev. of releasing a new version of PF.So this day forward I obligate myself to 1+ hour(s) at minimum of DEV. Related Time.1+ Hour(s) is not alot but every hour counts.If we all contribute 1+ hours,then we could contribute combined, a full time job here,and get this software updated and released.

-Just a rant,Backing up Richard & making my personal pledge,together we can achieve this goal!
1.5 hours per day x's 3-5 days a week then multiplied by 20 members ....adds up fast.
3664 #3 Domi

on Jan 02 2013 at 07:15:18
You have done well!, after all its a volunteer job for everyone involved.
I do hope to personaly get some good things done for PHP-Fusion this year.

Happy New Year !
1350 #4 Richard Ainz

on Jan 02 2013 at 09:25:06
I am gonna hold you two to it... Grin
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