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BY Falk
July 02 2013 01:32:50

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We have more than 30 000 registered active members, over 82 000 forum posts and close to 110 million unique visits.

Not bad at all for what started out as a one man project, I'd say. The whole project took a huge blow when Nick Jones passed away way to early on January 4th 2011, but according to his wishes, we're still around, trying to keep up his good work and his remarkable example as a man, developer and inspirator for all of us working with this CMS. It's by no means an easy task, he was a remarkable man, as one of his old friends put it when he passed away, "They broke the mould when they made you", but we've kept at it and we still are. Not that we will ever fill his shoes, but at least we're trying to develop his creation according to his standards.

It has not been an altogether easy ride, as many Open Source projects, we've had our fair share of periods of internal disagreements, fractioning and dividing etc, but we managed to ride it out and today we're more productive and efficient than we have been for many a good years. And with a more tight organisation at that, which hopefully will enable us to act more smoothly and also improve our speed of updating our product a lot.

It's time for a short summary after this decade and also a brief peep at what's cooking behind the scenes as of now, so here we go... We're currently working with the v7 framework of PHP-Fusion, but there is an end to everything, in short, we will not release any more updates to v7, only security updates. V7 is almost 5 years old by now and we're currently coding away on v8 as much as we can. (And yes, we need more people chipping in, so come on, don't be shy, every hand counts!)

V8 is being built around a compacted and improved core, where most stuff like News, Articles, Forums, Photo Galleries etc have been outcoded to proper Infusions. This has several advantages: the core will be lighter, setup will be more intuitive, where the user choose which parts they want and need right from scratch at setup, meaning that people who don't want a Shoutbox, they don't install it. Simple as that. Also, this will make it a lot easier for all of the different Infusions developers out there to invent amazing Infusions, available for online installation or manual, which method that is preferred. We hope this solution will encourage developers to create magnificent Addons, which will make the whole system more intuitive, flexible and also lightweight to work with.

We have a very good track record of localization, we will keep that up but we will change the system for translations to someting much more simple than our present solution. (All of you translators know what I'm talking about!) Without going into specifics, translations will be a lot easier.

Our fantastic developers are currently working with many features for PHP-Fusion V8

We do have some major milestoneīs that have been completed already!

PHP Data Objects (PDO) support have been built-in to PHP-Fusion core, you can check it out here : PHP Data Objects (PDO)

SEO friendly URL rewriting layer will also be a standard feature in PHP-Fusion core.

Itīs our ambition to make the PHP-Fusion core lightweight for PHP-Fusion V8.
Currently we have a total of 18 infusions made from previously integrated features.
Roadmap Item

In order to reflect these changes the new PHP-Fusion setup have also started to take shape as seen in the screenshot below.

One of our goalīs will be to enhance your administrational aswell as your visual experience using and working with PHP-Fusion 8.

Atom Theme Engine Framework.

Introduction of a theme framework, new SDK and API to create a robust cohesive control panel to control outlook of PHP Fusion.

1. Skins:

The old method:

Upload custom theme to theme folder. Go to main settings and set primary theme as custom theme.

New method:

Upload custom theme to infusions/atom/theme. Go to Atom Control Panel and set primary theme as custom theme. Go to Atom Control Panel to adjust the custom theme's properties. Save as a preset, assign the preset to all page, or just specific page. Assign a menu to all page or just specific page.

2. Panels

Old Method:

Go to settings, and create, delete or manage panel positions.

New Method:

Go to Atom Control Panel to create, delete and assign panel to a certain page or all page. In Atom v.2, you can also create, delete and manage panel via the Atom Reactor which is available in the front page. It initiates an edit stance, which will execute raptor editor.

3. Navigation

Added some cosmetics and single loop php hierarchy using array output. Basically a mod, and simple to understand. Now, v2 will have editable features such as icons for menu items, and other things which you can find in almost all popular CMSs.

4. Showcasing components.

CMS websites mainly only publicizing brands, ads. Showcase items are such as sliders. For compoenents which uses jquery but does not use sql. I.e. UI showcases like nivo sliders, color pickers, selectors, etc

5. Responsive Output

Responsive output for mobile is a main question nowadays, which theme developers will have a hard time encoding them. With Atom, theme developers uses Atom's framework, without need to recreate all over again these outputs.
Configuration is given to the theme developer. Framework rules Atom will be introduced. Just code to fit, and it will work.


For theme developers, SDK will be changed:

Upload these to :
infusions/atom/theme/your_custom_folder (i.e. Ddraig)

locale/English.php - for your language files
panel.php - for your panel design
preset.php - for your preset layout configuration.
panel/css/styles.css - for your opentable and openside design id files

For component developers, SDK is introduced.

Upload these to:



Now visit Atom Control Panel. A on/off and settings function (as accordance to your api field) will be available.

Backwards compatibility:

If infused with Atom, we use new SDK to develop further stuff. If defused Atom, revert to v7 theme functionality.

Atom CP, early may

After login

Multiple section

Before login


Beside of these major improvementīs and changes we also have over 80 submits to Github with various fixes and tweaks.

We are more transparent than ever in our development with Github along with our public development forums.

You can always follow the development here : PHP-Fusion Development

We also publish our Managment Team meeting protocols under Articles here : MT Protocols

So, all taken into consideration, things look better today than they've done for quite a while, which is why we reveal some of what you can expect of the long overdue v8. We cannot set a date of release yet, we need more hands to help coding, no big secret about that, but we're working hard and have done some major progresses already.

We're using github as our new collaboration tool and code repository, at request by many of our developers."

Also we will launch a new public page on Facebook, the old one is for approval by admins etc and since we're Open Source, why not open up our social pages while we're at it?

As some of you may have noticed we also have disabled the Shoutbox on this site. A Shoutbox is a very old solution dating back to first version and it feels a bit outdated. Also it's been misused profusely during the years and it does take a lot of time to administer that all by itself, so we have disabled it on this site for now.

We have to focus our resources on what's proper and right and silly shouts does have a very low priority with this project now, we quite simply neeed to focus on getting v8 out, up and running. We will appreciate any help from all you skilful and talented developers out there that still wanna take part in the team effort that goes under the name PHP-Fusion.

KEFF & Domi On behalf of the Management Team!

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#1 on Jul 02 2013 at 09:02:01


Amazing read !!!!!

#2 on Jul 02 2013 at 12:00:21


Curently Google indicates 22.5 million hits on PHP-Fusion and we are still ranked among the better CMS at OpenSourceCMS

#3 on Jul 06 2013 at 02:48:48


Looking forward to v8 Wink

Keep up the good work Smile

#4 on Jul 06 2013 at 12:57:53


This is looking truly awesome!
Excellent work so far, guys
Can't wait Smile

#5 on Jul 08 2013 at 19:59:39



#6 on Jul 13 2013 at 11:17:08


Sound very (as in VERY) good!!

#7 on Jul 13 2013 at 22:24:51


Looking nice.. Good work..

#8 on Jul 14 2013 at 18:47:05


Good sounds very good

#9 on Sep 06 2013 at 07:40:08


When is the releasing date?

#10 on Sep 10 2013 at 15:22:07


Release dates is something we are careful with.
We have made no exception for V8.

#11 on Sep 17 2013 at 10:57:53


Good sounds very good
nice work

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