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Themes database is about to go wild


BY Falk
February 19 2014 16:25:47

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I feel that we have been lacking in our distribution when it comes to themes from our AddonDB, currently we only host 120ish themes here on PHP-Fusion Main.
There have been thousands of theme´s made for PHP-Fusion over the years, our current database is simply not reflecting this fact at all.
We do not even have that much of a variety in our AddonDB. With that said, we have seen some awesome themes uploaded recently.

That is why I have been collecting themes for quite a while, I have vacuumed the internet for AGPLed themes that are out there, available for PHP-Fusion, Theme´s that seem to get very poor or no exposure at all. Some of these less known themes are truly great, some are ported classical V6 Themes.

Currently I have found and downloaded a total of 1344 themes.
I am testing them one by one. If it is a theme I like or if it have a historical value to PHP-Fusion I will keep it.
I am doing new screenshots and I also update notices and depreciated functions for these themes.
What I do not do is validating them at this point. I will approve these Themes anyway.
The validation requirement for all Themes is something I will remove, we will prefer and recommend validated themes but with new web techniques and what not,
The validators simply dosen´t keep up as it is today.
It is a unreasonable requirement due to that fact.
Naturally, poorly formatted and nested themes can be denied instead.

We will need to discuss how we approve themes in the future.
This work will be completed together with a new sparkling AddonDB.
We will have validation tags in our new AddonDB.
Everything we have on our current AddonDB will be ported.

To test and even re-code along with screenshoting some of the 1340ish themes takes quite some time.
Once this work is completed, I will start with the uploading to our AddonDB, naturally that will also take quite some time.
Currently I have no less than 89 completed themes ready for upload, It looks like we can multiply that number a couple times before I am done.

I would also like to encourage everyone who makes themes for PHP-Fusion to upload them, please make them available for the community.
If you do good themes they also deserve our attention.
The best way to get your themes the attention they deserve is to have them available from our AddonDB.

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