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PHP-Fusion v3.05 set for May 1st
PHP-FusionVersion 3.05 of PHP-Fusion is pencilled for release on the 1st of May 2004, this is the absolute deadline, release may be a little sooner if all goes well. Recent security concerns pushed back the release, but I believe v3.05 will be the most solid release so far. I must point out that there is to be a change in the folder structure (see log). I realise this is going to make upgrading a bit more difficult, but it is a vital part of making PHP-Fusion more modular.

Thankyou for your support!
Digitanium on April 19 2004 22:10:26
Hackers target PHP-Fusion
PHP-FusionIt is sad for me to see this happen, but with PHP-Fusion still being fairly new it's subject to being targetted by hackers. Two sites have already suffered huge hits with thousands of registrations by means of user names made up of random letters. This is a set-back but not the end of the world, high profile php scripts will always be targeted by people whom I regard as internet terrorists. That's life unfortunately.

To prevent a recurrence of this incident I've added a code validation routine to register.php, it requires the registrant to key in a code, it should prevent any kind of automated registrations. All PHP-Fusion webmasters are urged to download the file Here.
Digitanium on April 17 2004 12:00:32
New Moderator
Site NewsI'm pleased to announce that CrappoMan has been given moderator privelages. I've been impressed by his recent mods, and hope to find a way of integrating them into PHP-Fusion. I'm hoping I can come up with some type of module support much like PHP-Nuke or e107, it certainly looks possible, especially from v3.05's mini core rewrite. That's all for now, once again, welcome CrappoMan.
Digitanium on April 15 2004 11:48:55
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