Who wrote PHP-Fusion?
Posted by Digitanium on Mar 10 2004 at 19:42:46
Alright that does it, I can't hold back anymore, so I'm gonna rant. For 18 long hard months I have worked on creating a solid foundation, the core of PHP-Fusion. A foundation which would allow me to build up a fast, efficient and reliable CMS. There is little reward, that I am aware of, I'm not in this to earn money, although it helps, but it is not the issue.

Since I made PHP-Fusion public, several people have attempted, or have taken claim as PHP-Fusion being their own work, even having the cheek to rename the project and removing any reference to my work, like so:

Quite frankly this kind of action shows a complete lack of respect, and it really does piss me off (excuse my language). The least people could do is ask. Some folks have been kind enough to ask about removing the copyright, and have even offered money in return. The next time ANYONE claims PHP-Fusion to be their work, then I will cease working on it. It's like daylight robbery!