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PHP-Fusion 7 - MySQL to MySQLi
How to change PHP-Fusion v7 from MySQL to MySQLi (oop), as mysql has been deprecated and removed completly in PHP 7 + some other reasons.

How to make moderators for particular forums
Forums are based on "groups moderation". You need to create groups (don't worry it can be one person inside).
E. g. :
You have forum sections A and B. You have 3 moderators John, Betty, Greg. You want Greg to moderate all, but rest not. You create Group ModA and ModB. Betty assingned to group ModA, John to ModB, and Greg to both groups. Then you set in Section A moderated by ModA group, section B by ModB.

Version Upgrade Guide
Purpose of this guide
This guide is meant as a help to those, who have doubts about how to upgrade their site to the next version of PHP-Fusion, and also to those, who have missed a couple of upgrades - and therfore need to know, how to upgrade their older version site to the latest release. So here we go...

Banner Manager Tutorial

PHP-Fusion has a Banners Admin page that allows you to do some sweet stuff, if you haven't discovered this feature yet, here is a bit of information to get you started.

How to validate a theme - the easy way
This guide is meant as a help to new theme designers, with little or no experience in validating XHTML and CSS.

How to check your host supports Securimage
Load the code below into your root folder and run from your browser. It will output a checklist as to whether your host supports Securimage.

If successful, you'll see this this list with Yes! beside each and a big smiley face image underneath.

jQuery & PF v7 - how to... part 3
How to force JS browser enabled in browser. if you want to use jQuery in complex cases it's a need. Two ways to do that: one which is not compatible with W3C standars (but don't need any themes modyfications) and second which is compatible with W3C and uses CSS (but needs some themes modyfications).

jQuery & PF v7 - how to... part 2
How to force strong passwords from users and how to check valid email syntax...

jQuery & PF v7 - how to... part 1
This article is for those which want to develop some jQuery based scripts for PF v7 PS: I won't explain what jQuery is. Please refer to great API at

PHP-Fusion v7 BBCodes API
API for new modular bbcodes system introduced in PF v7