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The easiest way to test and get a good feel on PHP-Fusion 7 in a stable production environment is to utilize the PHP-Fusion 7 Auto-Installer.
A2 Hosting offers you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. This gives you time to both test and decide if PHP-Fusion will work for your intended use.

PHP-Fusion 7 Core Download

To install, Download -> Extract -> Upload to your server and run setup.php

You will find more information in the included readme.html or from the Handbook below

Download PHP-Fusion 7.02.07 Full

PHP-Fusion 7 Core Update

Always backup your whole site and the database before doing an upgrade

You will find more information in the included readme.html or from the Handbook below

Download PHP-Fusion 7.02.07 Update

Manual Installation requirements

PHP-Fusion V7 is built to run on most configurations, this means that you will be able to run PHP-Fusion in just about any environment if you have the minimum requirements.
Our recommended production environment for PHP-Fusion 7 is a LAP stack (Linux, Apache, PHP) for the strongest possible feature support.
Minimum requirements for PHP-Fusion 7.02.xx are

  • PHP 5.3.4 or higher
  • MySQL 4.1 or higher

To install and work with a local copy of PHP-Fusion you can download a copy of XAMPP for your given environment ( Windows, Linux or Mac ).


PHP-Fusion Hosting

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Online Documentation

Read Manual


PHP-Fusion 7 Handbook

Download Handbook

Infusions SDK

PHP-Fusion 7 SDK

Download SDK


Older releases

Legacy Archive


Try PHP-Fusion Live

Try PHP-Fusion

Language Packs for PHP-Fusion 7.02.xx

PHP-Fusion have been translated to many languages, you can download any of the following language packs to change the entire system language.

Auto Installers

PHP-Fusion are also available on multiple Auto Installers, so if you already have a hosting account, you can check out the one click installers offered inside your administration panel.
Most hosting companies these days use Auto Installers to install software on their servers, PHP-Fusion have been added to several of these Auto Installers to help you easily install PHP-Fusion.




cPanel Installer

Elefante Installer

Zacky Tools

Zacky Tools

About PHP-Fusion

PHP-Fusion is an all in one integrated and scalable platform that will fit any purpose when it comes to website productions, whether you are creating community portals or personal sites. Founded as an open source project under the GNU AGPL v3, PHP-Fusion is licensed to be open and free to use. Derivative codes must be shared unless we grant you a license to waive the AGPL agreement. This is what we believe gives the best possible protection for both PHP-Fusion and all the Developers that creates Addons for PHP-Fusion.

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