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jQuery - for what is it needed?

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Posted 9 years ago

Hello everyone! Wink
I don't know where put this topic... let it be here.

I yesterday upgraded my site to newest SVN v7. On v6 i had many images in lightbox so i searched for some jQuery equivalent... and it dosen't work. I tryed facebox (no effect) and jQuery-lightbox (also no effect :/). Ofc I was changeing links so they should work with currently uploaded stuff. I don't know the problem, maybe version is too new or sth...

For try i uploaded mootools (1.2, compressed) and slimbox. Everything was working from the first second without any conflicts on way jQuery-mootools and looked like in old, good lightbox Wink

In past I was thinking also about doing something like s4ander done in his FusionOS with mootools but I was wating for coming version of mootools and final v7. Then I saw that in Fusion is included jQuery (damn!).

Cause it isn't working for me (or I just don't know it and don't have time to learn new framework) would that be ok if i delete jQuery and install mootools? Everything what i found about jQuery in Fusion is for future development. Is it used by anything else that future plans? If so, could you make a compressed jQuery file with ONLY used functions? (for minimalization of loaded data and conflicts with other frameworks).
Or tell me why the hell that jquery lightboxes aren't working and show me sth similiar to windoo in jQuery.

PS Sory for so long post in my poor inglish.Pfft

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Posted 9 years ago

Hello, Wilkolak! Smile

Try this jQuery Lightbox implementation. It's very nice and if you played a little with JS/AJAX stuff you will easily make it work for you.

Yes, jQuery is now placed inside the core for future development simply to let people know where we're heading, but right now we are focused on tidying up the core for the big launch. But don't worry about jQuery solutions. There are a lot of them out there and we will offer everyone our knowledge about them and even integrate certain projects (like the jQuery Lightbox clone above) inside infusions and maybe the core. But that will come after the v7.0 launch, not sooner. Smile

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