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Advanced Custom Pages

Support for uncategorized Addons in the AddonDB

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Posted 6 years ago

Will there be an upgrade to v7.02.03 anytime soon? Thanx Smile

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Posted 6 years ago

Doesnt work on v7.02.04!! No error message its shows as 'Infused' yet if i go to use custom page is simply standard custom page!! Same if i select Advanced custom page fro admin ==> Infusions!!!

Guess I will have to wait for an updated version!!!


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Posted 6 years ago

Are there some who know about this is it here to V 7:02:05
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Posted 6 years ago

This is working in 7.02.04.

It does not show when you go through ADMIN -> CUSTOM PAGES.

It shows when you go through INFUSIONS -> ADVANCED CUSTOM PAGES.

But I also have en enquiry to make:

As far as I can see the only way to enable anybody other then the original page writer to edit specific custom pages - by default being the Super Admin or Admin is to add other members to the admins of the website.

Is there any other way to add members that are from a different group.

I can see that 7.02.04 does show USER GROUPS - which you can create but I don't see any way in which you can add members to a group and then add that group to custom pages.

This has been highlighted by the way in which I have my website structured:

I have created a page which I am intending to give to all members so they can edit a specific page themselves - have access to TinyMCE on the custome page more specifically but as far as I can tell (correct me if wrong) the only way for them to be able to perform this function is by adding them to the site Administrator list.

Are there other options in terms of groups - I see no alternative but the options lead me to believe there is something I am missing.

Thank you.

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Posted 1 month ago

Will this Infusion work with the Friendly URL For Custom Pages Mod at I would like to use both of these Mods/Infusions together if possible.

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