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v7.02.00 update needed urgently

Please limit yourself to upgrading issues, not installation.

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Posted 6 years ago

I have all the updates from version up to 7.01.06 and it works good
When I try to upgrade to version 7.02.00 . I didn't found the update file .. I found just the new installing one and it cause me a great problem ... so I return back v7.0.0.7 Shock
My questions are :

1- where I can download version update ?

2- if I delete all files of old fusion from my site and install the last version 7.02.04 .. can I upload my old backed database file that i backed up in version and upload it to the new version and will it work correctly ... and did the images and links affect or not ?Smile

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Posted 6 years ago

I have made one that lists all the V7 too:

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