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Smileys problem

If you suspect you have found a bug or a code error post here.

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Posted 6 years ago

Hi All

I have Strange problem with the smileys function, what happens is that when you insert a smiley, then a short text code shows up after some smileys, not all, it can look like this example.. "Smileiddle;' />amp;" looks like part of php-code.. (see image)

The error seems to pop up wherever the ones used in the forum and shoutbox. etc.

I'm using PHP-Fusion 7:02:04
with Arise Theme

Any help or advice would be Welcome
Thanks in advance

Merged on Feb 15 2012 at 09:56:42:
Anybody have clue about this phenomen..?
Edited by River66 on 15-02-2012 09:56

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Posted 6 years ago

Did you changed the smileys codes?

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Posted 6 years ago

Try different code letters on the smileys, maybe you have some letters that causing problems. You can try something simple first, to see if it changes

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Posted 6 years ago

Thanks for the replies .. You were right, it seems to be wrong with the code character

Got it to work after having restored all smiles coder to the original and started add the new smiles with two special character code, do not know if it does not accept letters or how many characters you can use.. but it works Smile

Many thanks for your help. Smile

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