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HTML Usergroup Names 1.1

Support for uncategorized Addons in the AddonDB

7 Replies 5,019 Views Last Updated on 8 months ago




Posted 6 years ago
- Stripinput on adding/editing the html.
- Fixed Sql Column length to appropriate length and type.
- Fixed a maincore.php log issue.

This infusion allows you to have HTML wrapped around user names that is in the online panel, members page, forums, and any place the profile_link function is used (function used to generate a link to a members profile in maincore.php)

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Posted 6 years ago

Hey nothing happening.. Color not changing...... Help needed.Angry

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Posted 6 years ago

Does not work!

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Posted 6 years ago

Id use 1.0 until I can spend some time to check it out.

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Posted 5 years ago

Okay the infusion seems to work but I got a problem. User names are not clickable...

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Posted 5 years ago

On the level of importance of how bad I need this mod to work ranks pretty high based on my type of website. Please fix the username clicking issues help Sad

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Posted 4 years ago

How to solve that particular indicate id=103, id=102 ?
#FF0000 -> Superadmin (103)
#008000 -> Admin (102)

Thanks for your response.

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Posted 8 months ago

Outdated, does not work anymore. tested this on php fusion v7.02

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