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Auto login from multiple computers

All issues and questions regarding user management

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Posted 5 years ago

I'm running a php-fusion v7 site.

If i do the following: Goto <>, log into the site, close the browser, open the browser, goto <> then it remembers me and automaticly logs me in.

The problem i have is that if i after login in to the site from Computer A, then log in to the site from Computer B and then on Computer A goes to <>, then i have to re-login on Computer A.

Is there a setting or a mod which allows for a user to be remembered on multiple computers? Most other forums/systems allow for this, so i wonder if i'm doing something wrong?

I tried searching the forums for a solution, but i couldnt find one, so I hope you guys can help me.

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Posted 5 years ago

Administration -> user settings (or something like)=> multiple logins option (or something like - last option in the list), set to YES.

Notice - only for version 7.02.05

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