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https only where necessary

[Development Team Access] All Roadmap items end up here for discussions.

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Posted 4 years ago

Right now we have the possibility to enable HTTPS for the whole site, this is nice but using encryption on each and every page might raise some issues, of which most important (I can think of right now) are mixed content and serving big files over https as the whole file must be encrypted that will be a waste of resources.

So we should have the option to set https only for:
- login page
- edit profile page
- private messages
- administration (all sub-pages)
- others...?

Go to roadmap item #1504

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Posted 4 years ago

Resource considerations might have been an issue in the past, these days it is neglectable with SSL. ( we even have better performance now ).
The whole site will stay as secured as possible.
Most sections will be secured in the long run, we are in the middle of the transition, yet we have very few areas with mixed content now.
Some database paths are in need to be updated. Some external linking or inclusions with bbcode images will naturally add some mixed content but wont affect the site´s overall security.

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