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CRL notification

General questions, how to legally remove "Powered by" text and other queries

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Posted 1 year ago

Hey there,
I tried to send a private message to KEFF, but because of some reason it is not sent.

So I post it here in hope to get a respond Smile


Subject: Licence Question


long time since we both had any conversation Smile

I recently received a message from an user in germany:
Hallo Support Team von PHP-Fusion

Habe mal ne frage zur CRL Lizenz
ich habe mir ja so eine Lizenz geholt, und habe das Copyright von PHPFusion entfernt, nun hat mich jemand angeschrieben gehabt das er mich Reporten will wenn ich es nicht wieder rein tue dabei habe ich ihm vorhin gesagt ich habe die CRL Lizenz das glaubt er mir allerdings nicht gibt es irgendwo was was ich mit ins Impressum reinschreibe um nachzuweisen das ich dies Lizenz habe?


Maybe you should create some solution to let those users proof their licence purchase?!
Which possibilities do you see in this case?
Is it possible to establish any kind of database and page, where licenced domains can be displayed and/or searched for?

Greets and best regards

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Super Admin


Posted 1 year ago

If the license have been purchased they are in our database. So it can be proved by simply reporting them here :
Anyone who tries to report them will get the following message on verified domains,
The Domain you reported own a valid Copyright Removal License and will not be registered as a license violator.
Thank you kindly for taking your time and reporting Copyright violations to us.

Thus proven to be valid.

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Posted 1 year ago

Thank you Falk Good

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