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1 problem in forum theme

All Theme and graphics related questions

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Posted 2 months ago

english and greek its ok main theme ist ok :G in main website here exactly problems http://www.hellas...forum_id=5 to others websites who have main themes a different language created problem I do not know who is due and I are from language

and somewhere mistake in theme or lang probleme
global lang
Code Gist: Download source  

$locale['global_045'] = "Views";
$locale['global_046'] = "Replies";

and forum/main
Code Gist: Download source  

$locale['453'] = "Views ";
$locale['454'] = "Replies ";

if man will to help anyone for this problem theme download for test http://www.hellas...207%20only english an greek its ok in other languages the problem

because the man who made this theme it disappeared for some years @ jonny

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