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registration system

If you suspect you have found a bug or a code error in 9, post it here

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Posted 9 months ago

Ok when people register for my website they see that there acct is created and can login. They go to login, and there account doesnt exist. Some reason its not saving there registration. However i can add them manually through admin panel and it works. Can anyone tell me how to fix the registration process? Check it out for yourself
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Posted 9 months ago

Registration OK!
But the confirmation e-mail has not been sent.
Do you odslání set up for automatic e-mail or approves only administrator?
You can now login in but it does not work!

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Posted 9 months ago

Thats the problem, its not saving peoples registration info. no email verification is set to off, and admin approval is set to off. So its got me confused.

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Posted 8 months ago

Your members registration - when you turn on "Email Verification" will not store in DB_USERS. It will store as encoded format in DB_NEW_USERS.
There's no flaw here. Admin Approval doesn't matter.

Thing is your phpmailer must be verified prior to using that. Check what went wrong if email is not sent. IF email is sent, the only way to get that registered user move his info from DB_NEW_USERS to DB_USERS. If Admin approval is turned on, then, it is in "inactive" status until Admin approves it. That you can see in Members Administration, but not before the email is validated.

Go to email templates, shut it down. Then run test again.

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