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Suggestion: Translation of PHP-Fusion Licensing

General questions, how to legally remove "Powered by" text and other queries

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Posted 6 months ago

PHP-Fusion comes with a lot of different languages and the ability to switch between them, but the 'PHP-Fusion Licensing' (https://php-fusio...k/license/ are only available in English

Would it not be good manner and behavior to get them translated into at least the languages that PHP-Fusion supports?

And of course make them available/clickable on the 'PHP-Fusion Licensing' page ...

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Posted 6 months ago

It would, but we need to be realistic with priorities , time and resources here as well.
These are not easily translated and 100% verified correct over a night,

If we somehow managed to cover these, I have a whole set of maybe 50x that amount of more buyers agreements, legal agreement, privacy policies etc, due to the hosting and domain services when that launch. It has to do with the vast amount of Domain extension's we offer. So for now it is quite unrealistic for us to take it on.

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