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Blog only site - FusionTheme - Recent Posts

Questions about 9īs Language, Main, Miscellaneous, Messages, Registration, Security, Theme, User Management, Time and Date Settings

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Posted 6 months ago

If you have a site with only Blog installed (I suppose it's the same with Articles only and so on) and your frontend theme is FusionTheme (Nebula) then you have in the footer area the Recent Posts view. If no forum is installed this should not be visible.

BTW. there is an s to many in recent

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Posted 6 months ago

Fixed the locale, But tbh, I am not sure we should mod that footer at all to support all case scenarios.
It is an example theme with News support in footer, over time we can let it grow tho.
The problem, Sure we can support News, Downloads, Forum and Blog or just custom pages which should comes firs, prio 1 if you will? Well for that we need a nice Admin interface connected to it all.
The task to increment it properly grows fast so letīs just leave it as is for now.
There a plans to push a lot of new Themes once we settle the dust here on 9.

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