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Team Speak Panel

Support for Panels in the AddonDB

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This will install a new panel for TeamSpeak that will enable your visitors, clan or group to connect to your TeamSpeak server without them having to enter any of your TS server's info. The only requirement is that they have to have TeamSpeak installed on their pc. The panel was created for PHP-Fusion v7.x.x but will probably work for other versions as well. It was specifically created to work with the Enigma theme but can be modified to work in other themes as well and may work in your theme without any modifications. One of the benefits of using this panel is that if your site uses SSL it will not cause any warnings to you or your visitors or show as being unsafe or unsecure. Using a <form> attribute will cause a warning and show your site to be not secure anymore if you try to connect to your TeamSpeak using a form or button. This panel uses an image so your site stays secure when you add it to your panels.

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