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Help Creating New Video Embedder In News Admin

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Posted 5 months ago

I am looking for somebody that wants to help in re-writing the News Admin for section for adding video into the news that gets posted from the News Admin while using the TinyMCE for both the Insert / edit embedded media button of that panel and the Edit HTML Source so that it no longer requires the use of a plugin to embed the media. This part of the code is poorly written and should not rely on any plugins except to have a flash fallback for videos. It should be written in a way that uses HTML5, Mp4, Webm, YouTube and Vimeo as the media sources which would reach about 80% of all internet users. It will not be long until Google and all the other browsers will quit supporting ANY type of plugin and that includes flash. As it stands now Chrome does not support any plugin except for flash and they are planning to quit supporting that soon as well. The biggest concern of the major developers, Google, Microsoft etc. is standardizing a way to protect the content so direct calls to the files or viewing the source does not show the location of the media source. That is one of the major drawbacks of HTML5 as of now. I have done it in a way that obfuscates the location but tech savy users would still be able to find my videos if they wanted to put enough time into looking into my code. For example instead of inputting
Code Gist: Download source  

<video src="myvideo.mp4"> mine looks like <video src="click?action=go&to=myvideoid">

You can still find the videos but makes it a little harder to find them and the player is still able to read that code and fetch the files.

There are video players such as JW Player and Flowplayer that can do this but their documentation and support is sorely lacking and difficult for the average user. They don't include any example pages showing how to embed videos except to show some code without telling you how and where to put it to construct a player. They don't have any example html pages included with their distributions for people to look at to get an idea of how to build their players. JW Player has a lot of documentation if you use their platform when everything is hosted on their site but if you want to host all the files on your site, they have very little documentation and support for that.

The best thing for the News Admin is to get rid of the reliance on using code that requires plugins and uses HTML5 with Flash fallback. I am looking for somebody, even Falk if interested, to help me in re-writing the code for the News Admin and any other sections that uses code that relies on a plugin to display video content. People shouldn't be told that if they want to view a particular video on your site that they have to use a different browser to view it based on the plugin for a particular type of video. Most all modern browsers support HTML5 now so the code needs to be completely re-written to support that and get rid of the use of plugins that prevent you from viewing or embedding a video.
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