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Quickstart - Infuse Your World Wide Web Presence

PHP-Fusion CMS

Make the most of your time.
PHP-Fusion is the best way to make your commercial or personal web projects with the most robust environment you can get.

PHP-Fusion is an all in one integrated and scalable platform a lightweight open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP that will fit any purpose when it comes to website productions, whether you are creating community portals or personal sites.

What's new in Version 9?

With PHP-Fusion 9 we have changed over 1 million lines of codes.
Here are some of the most compelling features that 9 offers.

Fusion Dynamics UI Tool Kit

Fusion Defender SDK

Bootstrap 3.xx

Geo-map Library

Multilocale Engine

SEO Engine (SEF urls)

Admin Themes

New Theme SDK

Template SDK

Quantum User Fields

Custom Page Widgets

Brand New Infusions

Included Infusions

The News Infusion is a standalone application for managing your site news

The News Infusion has its own news access control, seperated news snippet, language management and a news unique gallery. News Infusion is the mainstream infusion for best content management that can run fitting all requirements from running it with your existing or new editorial team.

The Blog Infusion is a simple tool for blogging on your site

The Blog Infusion is a small stream, yet simpler application that allows you to run a blog media publishing platform. Less feature but performs a split second faster than the News Infusion, the Blog Infusion will be the best fit into almost all aspects of daily blogging needs.

The Article Infusion is an application for building web articles

The Articles Infusion is another application under the specific article content type. It is the simplest form of content auditing for setting up a knowledgebase, less much of a wiki. It comes with a snippet and a body field only to meet the minimum essential requirements to run content on your website.

Downloads Infusion is a file sharing application intended to cover all file transfer needs.

Downloads Infusion is a comprehensive file hosting sharing website with security access control, and file information management.

FAQs Infusion is a frequent asked question application.

Frequent Asked Questions (Faqs) Infusion allows you to build a knowledgebase for site users to self-help troubleshooting or learn about common issues.

Forum Infusion is a Discussion Form or Bulletin Board application that allow you discuss about just any topics you set up with the community.

Forum Infusion application has all the feature such as Question & Answers, Links, Nested Category, Access Controls, and creating unlimited forum and it's subspaces. To keep everyone updated to latest events, the Forum Infusion has built Filters, and Focus pages such as Latest Discussions, Unanswered, Unsolved, and Subscribed so people can always find what they need which becomes a very convenient tool for building community with your website.

Always Improvising

PHP-Fusion has a great balance of helpful community and volunteers that delivers a constant rate of code improvisation nearly every day. Our developers are constantly sifting through the PHP-Fusion stack for more innovation as a means to get you to the latest improvements for your website.

Pitched to Perfection

PHP-Fusion gives much concerns to practicality when developing an application and may continuously tear down, rebuild, modify or expand on features that becomes essential to the modern internet use. We scale our technologies consistently and through time - deliver a software that everyone loves.

Developer Live! Showcasing our development commits fetched from Github.

  • Project Exposure
    We have 109 active forks contributing around the world, 84 project followers and 46 project subscribers.
  • Add remove remember method
    Deviance committed 3 days ago
  • Update .gitignore
    RobiNN committed 3 days ago
  • Update Router.inc
    RobiNN committed 3 days ago
  • Fix SEO
    RobiNN committed 3 days ago
  • Update forum
    RobiNN committed 3 days ago
  • Composer add PHPMessDetector
    Deviance committed 5 days ago
  • Update selectize
    Deviance committed 5 days ago
  • Update selectize
    Deviance committed 5 days ago
  • Update selectize
    Deviance committed 5 days ago
  • Selectize dynamics conversion
    Deviance committed 5 days ago
  • Selectize dynamics load
    Deviance committed 5 days ago
  • Facebook connect locale fix
    Deviance committed 5 days ago
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/Babylon' into Babylon ...
    Deviance committed 5 days ago
    # Conflicts:\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/css/selectize.bootstrap2.css\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/css/selectize.bootstrap2.min.css\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/css/selectize.bootstrap3.min.css\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/css/selectize.default.min.css\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/css/selectize.legacy.css\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/css/selectize.legacy.min.css\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/css/selectize.min.css\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/js/es5.js\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/js/selectize.js\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/js/standalone/selectize.js\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/less/plugins/drag_drop.less\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/less/plugins/dropdown_header.less\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/less/plugins/optgroup_columns.less\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/less/plugins/remove_button.less\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/less/selectize.bootstrap2.less\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/less/selectize.bootstrap3.less\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/less/selectize.default.less\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/less/selectize.legacy.less\n# includes/dynamics/assets/selectize/less/selectize.less
  • Selectize refactor
    Deviance committed 5 days ago
  • Update readme-en.html
    RobiNN committed 5 days ago
  • update selectize
    RobiNN committed 5 days ago
  • Update quote_bbcode_include.php
    RobiNN committed 6 days ago
  • Fix redirection for Facebook connect to work
    Deviance committed 6 days ago
  • Added fusion_verify_token to validate GET actions.
    Deviance committed 6 days ago
  • #2250 Selectize - fix callback for tags.
    Deviance committed 6 days ago
  • #2250 Selectize WIP
    Deviance committed 6 days ago
  • Select
    Deviance committed 6 days ago
  • Fixes front end api implementation
    Deviance committed 6 days ago
  • Update UF
    RobiNN committed 6 days ago
  • Fix UF
    RobiNN committed 7 days ago
  • Fixes front end api implementation
    Deviance committed 7 days ago
  • Fix User Fields Admin Category Save
    Deviance committed 8 days ago
  • News Draft Widget ...
    Deviance committed 8 days ago
    added checkrights
  • News Draft Widget
    Deviance committed 8 days ago
  • Update user fields
    Deviance committed 8 days ago
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