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Build opportunities together as a team.

PHP-Fusion Developers Network

Become an Officially PHP-Fusion Approved Developer, and gain access to support and work colloboration in projects in a unified development environment.
If you are interested, sign up with the help of our application form and you can start building your professional experience with us.

Set Milestones

The roadmap features your project mileage. Precalculate your time and maximize work with your team with efficiency in the dashboard.

Fix Issues

Whenever questions arises or something needs fixing, get your team to understand everything in a proper sequence and work appropriately.

Team Up

Get Invited, or Request to Join a team in any projects in PFDN. Be part of the strongest team that you will work with.

What is the PHP-Fusion Developers Network?

When you are able to work together, consistently

The Developers Network allows you to gain access to many of our existing and upcoming projects in a controlled environment.
PHP-Fusion Awards our Developers on a tiered privileges basis which would earn you your rightful credits.
For starters, you gain access to EPAL license options. With EPAL enabled you can Submit Commercial Addons to our AddonDB

Create Projects
Host unlimited projects in a central Development environment.

Private and Team Collaboration
Work among Developers in collaboration or private projects.

Elevate the Quality
Strengthen your PHP-Fusion knowledge with our SDK and API.

Developers Priority
Get involved in any open projects and enjoy a front row seat to the end of the ride.

Open Development Policy

A platform for members to co-exist in a cooperative environment.

PHP-Fusion Developers Network ensures members with a strong professional etiquette is awarded openly for those traits.
PHP-Fusion Developers Network allows itīs Developers to earn credit points in our automated and unbiased multi ranking system.
A clean record and reliable traits will yield recognition among our ranks.