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Locales Included
  • Bulgarian
  • Czech
  • English
  • Gernam
  • Icelandic
  • Polish


v2.3.7 - Feb. 1, 2014
  • Improved Load Times
  • Improved Validation
  • Minor Bugs Fixed

v2.3.6 - Oct. 26, 2013
  • Added validation and test for non-int error_code defaulting to 0
  • Improved validation in parseSignedRequest
  • Added setSignedRequest method
  • Added a new BaseFacebook disableAppSecretProof()
  • missing setAccessToken
  • Don't convert CURLFile params to JSON

v2.3.5 - Jul. 15, 2013
  • Fixed Redirection 404
  • Tweaked connect_panel - New break tags
  • Added the extra param: appsecret_proof to the oauth api calls
  • Minor Bug Fixes

v2.3.4 - Apr. 10, 2013
  • New Locales (German)
  • Layout Updates (altered class)
  • Removed Facebook Like (potential issues caused)
  • Addressed White Space Logout Bug (Should now work 100%)

v2.3.3 - Apr. 7, 2013
  • Added Troubleshooting for JS Login. User Clicks link to access PHP login setting. Makes for better compatibility.
  • New Locales

v2.3.2 - Apr. 3, 2013
  • Improved Security
  • Fixed User_Fields Bug
  • New Dark/Light Like Button Setting

v2.3.0 - Mar. 25, 2013
  • Added User Fields for Profile
  • Admin Option for use of JS or PHP login methods
  • Integrated beta logout function
  • Like Button on Register/Login page
  • Various Tweaks

v2.2.4 - Feb. 13, 2013
  • Addressed Environment for Undefined Indexes
  • Fixed New Update Shown in Admin Panel
  • Centered avatar and img in connect_panel for cosmetic improvement

v2.2.3 - Feb. 7, 2013
  • Fixed a vulnerability with signed requests
  • Updated cert bundle to use the current curl bundle
  • Now uses most recent Facebook SDK code

v2.2.2 - August 15, 2012
  • Added Logout Functionality. Destroys Facebook login and PHP-Fusion session for use of panel. Stops user from being re-logged.

v2.2.1 - August 13, 2012
  • Fixed Redirect Loop associated with Panel. (Only present in cases of sub directory use).
  • Added Total Facebook Users Connected Count (in Admin)
  • Small design tweaks
  • Removed Facebook Image button to Connect, changed with locale text for better translation.

v2.2.0 - August 12, 2012
  • Extended Tokens
  • Shared Sessions for Better Security
  • Login through panel (no need to visit infusion page)
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Minor Improvements

  • Admin Activation Implemented
  • Certificate Update (CURL Issue)
  • Improved Code
  • New Locales

  • Updated Connect Panel for PHP-Fusion 7.02.05
  • Tidied the Code Up
  • Admin Updates Changed, No Longer IFRAME (Report Any Bugs With This)

  • Security Fix

  • Fixed Characters (UTF8/ISO)
  • Cleaned up Register Page
  • Fixed ApiException Error (Long array text on register)
  • Optimized Locales - <!--USERNAME--> Replaces in Output
  • More Locales Defined
  • Small Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Redirect Loop Problem
  • Added new Login System (backend)
  • New Locale Variables

  • Minimized / Cleaned up Code
  • Added Headers (redirect loop fix)

  • Install Using Infuse
  • New - Admin panel
  • New - Fetches Facebook Profile Picture, Sets as Avatar

Overall Score 4/5

Based on (68 out of 80)

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Reviewed by Falk on 07/06/2014
Addon Uniqueness100 %
Addon Features70 %
Test Results80 %
Compatibility80 %
Type70 %
Editors Opinion100 %
Author's Credentials80 %
Value for Money100 %
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Technical Specifications

  • Last Updated
    June 07 2014
  • Latest Version
    Version 2.3.7
  • Submitted by
  • Copyright
    Brandon Davis (NetriX)
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