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Addon Submissions

Please login to your account before submitting Addons to the AddonDB.
The final distribution step is to submit your code signed and provisioned to the PHP-Fusion AddonDB. The important step ensures that the submission comes directly from you and being authenticated by us. Please be sure to select the correct Addon Type. You can find some guides below about them.
For updated Addons, Please visit your Dashboard and click on the Addon name you intend to update.


Any Addon that utilizes infusion.php to modify the database.


We only approve complete Themes.
Use Type Other for Templates, Images or any other Graphics.


Any Addon that creates either a center or side panel.


Any Addon that are created to work as a Plugin to a current Infusion.


All other submissions including BBCodes, User Fields, Graphics and Core modifications.


Any Addon that are designed by the Widgets API rules.

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