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Subcategories for articles

Developed by : keddy (Website)
Demo Url: Demo Website

Category : Articles - Other

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This MOD enables sub categories for articles. You can create sub categories of current categories. An article category can have both subcategories and articles.

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Subcategories for articles

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by Falk on 15/02/2016

Great work!

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Version 1.21

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Subcategories for articles

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Posted 2 years ago

This MOD enables sub categories for articles. You can create sub categories of current categories. An article category can have both subcategories and articles.

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Posted 2 years ago

This mod is throwing the error: Unknown column 'article_cat_parent' in 'where clause'Unknown column 'article_cat_parent' in 'where clause'

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Posted 2 years ago

Did you run the included http://www.yoursite.tld/install/index.php/index.php script for it?

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Posted 1 year ago


I can't get this mod to work at all, article subcategories are not showing up. 13 parent categories created plus 3 subcategories under one parent category created but I don't see them listed at all in the article home page ... they are listed in the Articles Category Admin page though, all parent and subcategories. One test article I have created does show up and its listed under the subcategory I have created it under. This subcategory, where the test article is, is shown as the parent category. I have followed all instructions in this mod but can't get this mod to work. Uninstalled and reinstalled this mod 3 times already, in the order of execution specified in this mod's install/uninstall instructions, and it still doesn't work. Would love to see this mod work as the screenshot above shows. Please help. Thank you.

(* oh, I have also checked the 'article_cats' database, and all fields are there, as per the installation instructions. But the 'article_cat_parent' field value shows up as '0' for all categories, parent and subcategory.)

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Posted 1 year ago

Finally, found the solution ...

There must be at least one article already created under the parent category in order for that parent and its subcategories to show up on the Articles Home page. The whole parent & its subcategories will not show up even if there is an article already created in one of its subcategories when that parent is empty of articles. I guess I will have to put in something under the parent/main category for this mod to work fine ... wonder why that is. And I suppose, even without this mod, I will have to do the same in the default installation ... ie. to put in an article into a category before i can see that category listed. I thought the reason for having sub categories is to breakdown a main/general theme into more specific ones, and where we can create one last subcategory under that parent/main to include 'others' theme, thus covering everything we want to cover in that main category.

Would be great if someone can look into this and improve the codes so that parent & subcategories will show up in the home page even when there is no article created in them. We can do already this in the forum and news categories, so this should be applicable to the articles category as well.

Well, cheers everyone Smile

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