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megazine theme

Developed by : dimki (Website)

Category : Fantasy & Modern - Theme

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lang Greek and English its ok mobile theme

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megazine theme

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by Falk on 04/07/2017

Good one !

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Total Score of (57/80)


Addon Uniqueness50%

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July 04 2017 08:39:37




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megazine theme

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Posted 8 months ago

lang Greek and English its ok mobile theme

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Posted 8 months ago

:( sory in theme.php Articles no font awesome icons

this ok
Code Gist:

//Render Articles
function render_article($subject, $article, $info, $item_type, $item_id) {
global $locale, $settings, $aidlink; $res = "";
   opentable($subject, "article");
   echo "<ul class='item-info article-info'>\n";
   echo "<i class='fa fa-user'>".profile_link($info['user_id'], $info['user_name'], $info['user_status'])."</i>\n";
   echo "<i class='fa fa-clock-o'>".showdate("newsdate", $info['article_date'])."</i>\n";
   echo "<li class='fa fa-folder-o'>\n";
      if ($info['cat_id']) {
         echo "<a href='".BASEDIR."articles.php?cat_id=".$info['cat_id']."'>".$info['cat_name']."</a>";
      } else {
         echo "<a href='".BASEDIR."articles.php?cat_id=0'>".$locale['global_080']."</a>";
   echo "</li>\n";
   echo "<li class='fa fa-file-text-o'>".$info['article_reads'].$locale['global_074']."</li>\n";
   if ($info['article_allow_comments'] && $settings['comments_enabled'] == "1") { echo "<i class='fa fa-comments-o'><a class='scroll' href='".BASEDIR."articles.php?article_id=".$info['article_id']."#comments'>".$info['article_comments'].($info['article_comments'] == 1 ? $locale['global_073b'] : $locale['global_073'])."</a></i>\n"; }

echo "<div class='flright clearfix'>\n
<span class='print'><a href='print.php?type=A&amp;item_id=".$info['article_id']."'><i class='fa fa-print' aria-hidden='true' title='".$locale['global_075']."' width='18' height='14' style='border:0;' /></a></span></i>\n";

 //Edit Articles
if (iADMIN && checkrights("A")) {
echo "<a href='".ADMIN."articles.php".$aidlink."&amp;action=edit&amp;article_id=".$info['article_id']."'><i class='fa fa-cogs' aria-hidden='true' title='".$locale['global_076']."' border='0' /></a></i>\n";    }
echo "</ul>\n";
   //The message
   echo ($info['article_breaks'] == "y" ? nl2br($article) : $article)."\n";
   echo "<!--article_id-".$info['article_id']."_end-->";

theme its blog style in portal

Code Gist:

#main    in 100%

 /* Comment element properties */
    #main-bg {    padding :6px;}
    .side-both #main-bg {margin: 0 215px 0 215px;}
    .side-left #main-bg {margin-left: 215px; }
    .side-right #main-bg {margin-right: 215px; }
    #side-border-left .panel, #side-border-right .panel, #container .panel, .post, .article {   margin-bottom: 15px }
    #side-border-left {    float: left; width: 200px; max-width: 200px;    color: #777; padding: 6px; }
    #side-border-right { float: right; width: 200px;    max-width: 200px; color: #777;    padding: 6px;  }

THEMES download http://www.hellas...forum_id=6 and demo
Edited by dimki on 04-07-2017 19:45

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