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Nick Jones

Nick Jones, the founder and lead developer of PHP-Fusion passed away on January 4th, 2011. All of us here as well as those who knew and worked with him in the wider open source community are deeply saddened by his loss. He was a truly genuine talent and great teacher. Many people who are now developers in their own right owe their skills to Nick's attitude to sharing everything he did.

Book of Condolences

Thank you Nick! Rest in peace.

– Snivellius

Nick thank you for your great work is the best !!! Dimi

– dimki

RIP Nick

– Miethe

Rest in peace, my friend.
Robert from Norway.

– GeoTrail

Only before Christmas I moved from wordpress to phpfusion. I was curious to know about Mr. Nick Jones. Sadly only few minutes ago I found out that he has joined our Father in even.
May the Lord give you eternal peace, bless your loved ones, and give long life and prosperity to PHPFUSION.

– Antonio47

I remember the first time i used php-fusion it's been not functionally like other cmss but i'm happy now and i must to say Thank you Nick Jones for best cms for customization and inspiration of php language and now Rest In Peace.

– Wyciokazz

Inspiring lots of minds, sharing without taking, leaving an immortal project behind.

May god rest you in peace a real man.

I count myself unlucky to meet your project after you passed away.

My condolences to the family and friends.

Kindest Regards

– Charon

The Great and Immortal Man!

– bogdan

thank you for your great work, Nick! RIP--

– sekum

Nick you were the best and php-fusion always will be best

– afaaro

Thank You Nick...

– ramuramisetty

Nick comfortable sleep. We work harder for php-fusion.

– pemaxs

RIP Nick Jones.

– devilsrock

It was a shock to hear the news. RIP-You were a brilliant programmer.

– demenkey

His passing is a great loss for the open-source community and the world as a whole. The sole reason I started php programming at all was because I picked up PHP-Fusion several years ago in college for a few minor projects. I now use it for every website I create.

Nick, you're the reason I love php programming so much. Everything I've learned in that field stemmed from my love for this software and the lightweight elegance that I've come to expect from any programming.

You will be sorely missed. Your memory will be cherished.

– skpacman

Nick Jones - the most influential person of PHP-Fusion project.
Requiescat in pace Nick. We will never forget you.

– Mish0_LameR

One of the Best CMS i Have Ever worked On, Thanx for Great Comunity And Team

– Aokiji

thank you for everything. you will be missed and valued by society as a person who has served the virtual community, with service excellence, glory and distinction.

– paduka

Thank you for all Nick!

– Roman81

Been using PHP-Fusion since v6 was first released...you did something amazing. Thank you.

– mlw4428