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Nick Jones

Nick Jones, the founder and lead developer of PHP-Fusion passed away on January 4th, 2011. All of us here as well as those who knew and worked with him in the wider open source community are deeply saddened by his loss. He was a truly genuine talent and great teacher. Many people who are now developers in their own right owe their skills to Nick's attitude to sharing everything he did.

Book of Condolences

Nick Jones. Name associated with great and unique project called PHP-Fusion. The CMS report, turnover on the web scene and is used worldwide. I hope that in what we left here the other will continue. For many web coders is unmistakable idol Nick, in what proved and I am among them. Thank you Nick.

PHP-Fusion is still in our hearts and you too.

Rest in peace.


I know I'm not as often here as I should, so I only read the news today.

Talent aside, he had the modesty of the great, He never hesitated to help a non-coder like me whenever he could.

I'm sad I'll never get to know him in person. I hope the team will keep his work top notch.

A thought, too, for his grieving family.


I didn't know Nick. When we first started using PHP Fusion for our community-based social care project, we did so partly because of its usability and community orientation. This fits with the ethos of a lot of 'disability' groups - we work together for the common good, each to her or his ability. It doesn't surprise me to find out that Nick was one of us, in both senses.


I thank to him for his good done jobs. I hope God forgive his sins.


I never knew you personally, but you where, and still are, the essence of the open source spirit to me, which I have the greatest respect for.

To give, without asking for anything in return, with no other reason than to do good to others, is the essens of true love - an inspiration to us all.

My loving thoughts goes out to your family and friends - You will surely be missed! Rest in peace, Mr. Jones!


My most sincere condolences to Nick Jones' family and friends in this time of sadness and loss. May God comfort and ease your pain. I regret that I did not know Nick personnally. His boundless spirit and creativity as evidenced by his wonderful creation, PHP-Fusion CMS, is the springboard from which we the Fusion community, will continue to develop and refine his beloved project. So long Nick and Godspeed!


I want to express here my deepest condolences to the family of our beloved Nick. I also want to extend my feelings to the whole PHP-Fusion Community. Unfortunately, Nick is no longer physically with us and we will miss him greatly, but his friendship, his humor, his great work and his legacy will remain, so he will always be alive among us.

Nick, God bless you and rest in peace.

- Javier Esteban


Everything has a beginning and an end ... Sorry!
It was a great time - it was too short a time.
Sometimes a little impetus to do something great - so well as did Nick Jones ...

I wish the family all the best and my condolences.

Greetings from Germany ... Caroline (Known as ShAwN)

Dacians and Egyptians wrote in stone. Nick Jones, your name will remain written in the history of the internet with letters carved in stone. Our knowledge is just in the process of discovery the Universe, but my hunch is that somewhere there is already a star called Jones. Nick Jones. Powered by PHP-Fusion!


I didn't personally know Nick, but his PHP Fusion project had a great influence on my life. I've started learning PHP from it and still use it for most of my projects. I am very sad to hear that he passed away.

My condoleances to friends and family, I wish you all the strength you need in these difficult times.

I hope we can continue the PHP-Fusion project together, in honour of Nick.

Rest in peace Nick.


Nick was a great guy, an inspiration, a great developer and a kind gentleman who created this amazing CMS simply because he wanted too.

Nick was an inspiration to me and many others around the world and he was a man that myself and others looked up too.
When I first started using PHP-Fusion in 2005, Nick was the guy who I first spoke too from the PHP-Fusion Community and it was Nick who installed my first ever PHP-Fusion site. From then I always thought he was a great guy. There was something about Nick that made him very approachable and that something was enthusiasm for his PHP-Fusion project and an over all kindness and spirit, he was a great man and I feel very privileged and grateful to have known such a great man.

In honour of Nick PHP-Fusion must continue with development and we the PHP-Fusion Community and users must come together to help support and contribute to the project in any way we can. Nick's legacy must live on.

Every time we code or interact with PHP-Fusion Nicks work we will remember his work and what good he has done for the PHP-Fusion project.

If it was not for Nick mine and many other sites would not be possible and that we will never forget and be more grateful.

I would like to offer my condolences to Nick family at this sad time. May God will help you through this hard time.

The great man may be gone but he will never be forgotten. Nick's memory will remain in his work and on all sites Powered by PHP-Fusion.

I will miss the big man.

Craig Dewar (Fangree_Craig)


Nick is one of the best evidences I have ever seen that it is possible for the spirit to overcome the flesh. He was a giant in his mind despite all obstacles and all pain - never suppressed by fear - always ready to battle with his physical limitations. Always with a happy laugh over all the things that after all gave him a full life. Thank you old man for everything you gave us. I am sure that you will make an even better CMS to run the website in the sky.


I'm very sad about this news. Rest in peace Nick. You were a great man. I hope your soul will be within heaven.



We've lost a great friend and teacher. There are countless thousands around the world who have been touched by Nick's work both directly and indirectly. His philosophy of sharing everything had a profound effect which I sometimes wonder if he really knew just how big his influence had around the world.

His passing is a great shock and loss to us but, we can best honour his memory by continuing on his work with the same philosophy of openness and sharing. So long Nick and thanks for everything.


All put together the countries that benefit of PHP-Fusion technical support we get somewhere over 40. Tens of thousands of people are not just users of the PHP-Fusion communities but site administrators as well, serving countless many other people. This is what Nick started. He made a lot of people happy and I'm one of them.

He who couldn't even walk was a giant among us and led us through many successes. He glued together a vast mass of people around the world and we are here to take his mission further. He was a strong fighter and he is a hero. Rest in peace, Nick. To your family and friends, please accept my sincere condolences. This news made me very sad, but I also try to cheer myself up thinking that now he no longer has his physical boundaries. Wherever he is right now, he should be able to look over us much better than before. I wish we could've done more for you, Nick. See you later.