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Nick Jones

Nick Jones, the founder and lead developer of PHP-Fusion passed away on January 4th, 2011. All of us here as well as those who knew and worked with him in the wider open source community are deeply saddened by his loss. He was a truly genuine talent and great teacher. Many people who are now developers in their own right owe their skills to Nick's attitude to sharing everything he did.

Book of Condolences

Gave me the core for my website, got me into PHP coding, and didn't ask for a penny for any of it. Thank you for everything, Nick.


I am sorry I didn't find PHP-Fusion before your passing you did a lot of great work. I just lost my daughter to Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy in November 2010

– Ouch-splat

While setting up a site I thought of how great this CMS of yours is. Flexibility, user-friendliness, community - all great things that you worked for, and the result is a true masterpiece. We miss you and we will remember you. Rest in peace.

– phontanka

Thank you for all your help. Rest in Peace Nick.

Peter, Ljubljana, Slovenia

– x3dx

A guru of the best, with the positive attitude and willingness to help others that is a prime example to our planet. God bless, and may he rest in peace.

– davadude

I was into PHP-Fusion since 2005 and I had a lot of contact with you. I feel so sorry that you had to go :( I hope your in a better place now. Without you this CMS and this Community wouldn't be what it is now....

Rest in Peace mate!

– Schoggifrey

Nick, you're a great example of life, and inspiration for those who work with Open Source technologies... Rest in peace Nick

– belial




– sSs DeatHtAg

R.I.P. Nick Jones -- Founder of PHP-Fusion

Your work will never we forget, and we'll make sure PHP-Fusion will be better after this!

– LT-DominiC-LT

You did a lot of good. Thanks!

– lalvarez

Dear Nick,
You made a lot of works while you are here, you helped many people with their works, their burden lessened including mine. I made many applications using this CMS, because my priority is functionality (custom pages) before the design, but right now , the design is already intact and ready to deploy after attaching my custom pages. And to the administrator, I inform you that I am conducting a research study regarding this CMS. For me this is the best CMS for corporate applications.

– meltamps

Thanks a lot Nick for everything you've done for us. PHP-Fusion will live forever. PHP-Fusion will love you forever.

– Kevin Maschke

RIP Nick Jones.

– Reef

Thx R.I.P

– snow-flake

Thank you Nick. Take care.

– wu_nai_

You will be dearly missed, I will never forget the time I once worked with you on the team :)

– HaCk3R

R.I.P. Nick ! Thank you for everything you have done for this comunity !

– dacarfiol

Ciao Nick, hai sempre aiutato tutti e il tuo lavoro non sarà mai dimenticato!
Condoglianze a tutta la famiglia e un abbraccio al nostro caro amico.
Non ti dimenticheremo mai.
Riposa in pace

– morfi

Thanks to you and PHP-Fusion, I've start study programming... Now, I would like, to become, someone like you, with my solutions...

Rest in Peace Nick.

– parox

I was first introduced to CMSs back in 2007 and php-fusion was the first CMS I interacted with. I have not been active with php-fusion in months and only discovered that Nick passed on. He was a Guru and will be greatly missed.

– lyton