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Nick Jones

Nick Jones, the founder and lead developer of PHP-Fusion passed away on January 4th, 2011. All of us here as well as those who knew and worked with him in the wider open source community are deeply saddened by his loss. He was a truly genuine talent and great teacher. Many people who are now developers in their own right owe their skills to Nick's attitude to sharing everything he did.

Book of Condolences

You are missed. You inspired, not even 13 yet.

Web Lord

Thank you Nick for the php-fusion, for your great will, professionalism and kindness.
I have just got to know about this sad news and my heart has become so sorrowful about it.
Your great work, simplicity and reliability of php-fusion helps me and my friends to start our site and community so easy that none of any other projects can.
It is very sad that the greatest people pass away. Our world became so much poorer without you.
Please accept my deepest condolences.


Condolences to family and friends of Nick Jones. I found PHP-Fusion on a random search and never looked back. Even getting personal feed back from the man himself. You were and still are inspiration. R.I.P xxx


Thank you for sharing your great mind and your great talents and skills. You have forever changed the Internet world and have left a legacy and you will be forever remembered. In your own way, you have achieved immortality.

Thank you Nick Jones.



I would like to express my sincere condolences to Nick. In spite of our differences he was a very kind and genuine man whom I respected greatly.

May your soul rest in piece now and know that God has a special place in his kingdom for you.

Cheers Mate!


Without Nick's work, my sites would not be as popular as they are...and they are. RIP.


Nick was the best and always made sure I got things fixed. Without his work and his personal help I would still be in deep doo doo...love always, ginny


R.I.P. Nick Jones -- Founder of PHP-Fusion

Your work will never we forget, and we'll make sure PHP-Fusion will be better after this!


R.I.P. Nick Jones -- Founder of PHP-Fusion

Your work will never we forget, and we'll make sure PHP-Fusion will be better after this!


Thank you for the development of PHP-Fusion.
We will miss you all!


A inspiration you were and still are even though your programming will be on the other side... Rest In Peace NIcl

Kristian Thorsen

php-fusion's elegance and simplicity are testament to truly great design.

Thanks Nick for being so generous with the code and support.



My sincere condolences to the Jones family, and the PhP-Fusion family. I just now found out about Nick's passing and am quite rattled by the news.

Thank you Nick for giving your all to this community




Adios Nick, gracias por tu trabajo.


I'm very, very sorry to hear this. He has helped out so many people. Rest in peace!


R.I.P <3


Who teach me one letter, made me his slave.

Thank You for Your teaching us!


I'm so sorry, i cant say it in english but I will say it in German.

Er war ein Mann mit großen Visionen,
er hatte große dinge vor.
Nun ist er von uns gegangen, ich will seiner Familie
und seinen Freunden mein herzliches Beileid aussprechen.
Nick Jones, diesen Namen wird man nicht so schnell vergessen,

Ruhe in Frieden Nick Jones
Rest in Peace Nick Jones


I've only just heard the sad news of the loss of Nick, and want to say how saddened I am to hear it. Nick was truly one of the nicest and most helpful people I've met online, his patience and support seemed endless, and he will be sorely missed. My deepest sympathy to all his family and friends.