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Hi, Just wondering if someone could please help me? I have recently tried to update from Fusion_php 7 to php 9 and have had nothing...

By matsta1 updated 2 hours ago by matsta1
5 views 3 posts 0 votes

Site glitch that I can't figure out I uploaded a weeeeee little php file via FTP to change a mailing address in a little "infusion"...

By phuongdv updated 14 hours ago by Wanabo
34 views 2 posts 0 votes

Currently, there is an error when using search.php to generates searches by Articles. It's only the Articles section which is incorrect....

By ikandi updated 1 day ago by ikandi
30 views 1 post 0 votes

Fusion 7.02.07 colorbox problem under https protocol. You know I really could use some help here. Until I made my site https, colorbox...

By Grimloch updated 2 days ago by Grimloch
80 views 4 posts 0 votes

The readme is quite comprehensive, please go thru it for answers. Also check the settings section, you can control this shop well...

By Falk updated 3 days ago by MRKegtsc
65535 views 273 posts 0 votes

The site is reading an error with SSL and HTTPS. Please fix.

By ikandi updated 4 days ago by Falk
72 views 2 posts 0 votes

download link is not working .. https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/addondb/?addon_id=1035 and there is more links not working...

By ferraris3 updated 6 days ago by ferraris3
210 views 10 posts 0 votes

I am having massive problems with my websites that are running 7.02.07; namely the /e deprecated modifier in the bbcodes. So I d/l'ed...

By Grimloch updated 6 days ago by Grimloch
105 views 10 posts 0 votes

This is an alternative to the built-in comments system. It allows Facebook users to leave comments on your site in News, Articles,...

By HobbyMan updated 8 days ago by outlaw16151
23271 views 23 posts 0 votes


By outlaw16151 updated 11 days ago by outlaw16151
2560 views 17 posts 0 votes

PANEL SNIPPIT:: Some Site Stats Panel Here is the code for the Some Site Stats Panel used on the homepage of this site. Go...

By Craig updated 11 days ago by outlaw16151
6781 views 35 posts 0 votes

This is the function isnum from maincore: Code// Validate numeric input function isnum($value, $decimal=false) {    if...

By douwe_yntema updated 12 days ago by Wanabo
92 views 4 posts 0 votes

You can upload own movies or add external urls, search, get a random movie per click and we have a random movie panel with thumb...

By Falk updated 12 days ago by outlaw16151
4464 views 7 posts 0 votes

Glad to see PHP9 is coming together well. It still seems though that the uptake from v7.02 is still slow. Hopefully that will change...

By ikandi updated 12 days ago by ikandi
52 views 1 post 0 votes

My whisperwillow site is hosted with A2 Hosting. Since they now offer the ( Let's Encrypt ) secure/https solution for free I have done...

By Grimloch updated 13 days ago by Grimloch
54 views 1 post 0 votes

I searched and searched for this Infusion created by PopUpMan for me a long time ago. What it does is create Categories and Userfilds...

By FreedomIOPList updated 16 days ago by Harlekin
263 views 3 posts 0 votes

This may be a known issue or not, but why are the entering of URLs' refused on user's Profile pages, and also in Content /Web Links...

By ikandi updated 17 days ago by ikandi
139 views 3 posts 0 votes

I use the Articles table quite a bit. In fact, my site has close to 7000 articles all told; which are all music/album reviews. Within...

By ikandi updated 17 days ago by RobiNN
119 views 2 posts 0 votes

Hello, Is Secure Image 3 for PHP-Fusion V7.02.07

By razin updated 17 days ago by RobiNN
115 views 2 posts 0 votes

Shows last seen members and members that are online in a dived box with a nifty animate effect if you browse the container. A total...

By Falk updated 17 days ago by outlaw16151
5163 views 5 posts 0 votes


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