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It took me a few days, and some time messing with the code, to figure out how to create a user field that would allow to add extra...

By hoanggia1 updated 10 hours ago by hoanggia1
19 views 1 post 0 votes

So I tried to format the footer in the footer section under settings. Tried to make it bold which looks fine in the editor but on the...

By phillipw1084 updated 21 hours ago by phillipw1084
114 views 5 posts 0 votes

The readme is quite comprehensive, please go thru it for answers. Also check the settings section, you can control this shop well...

By Falk updated 22 hours ago by MRKegtsc
65535 views 268 posts 0 votes

Is there somewhere cookie_control available for the PHP-Fusion v9 version ?

By djdandi updated 1 day ago by djdandi
23 views 1 post 0 votes

I tried first to make a fresh install of PF 9 but gave me the same error at step 3, database details. As I said, now I've tried to...

By Laurentiu updated 2 days ago by Laurentiu
25 views 1 post 0 votes

[I have a request, could someone develop a Userfield that allow sites members to select from existing Locales in Profile? I have sellers/customers...

By FreedomIOPList updated 2 days ago by douwe_yntema
225 views 6 posts 0 votes

I have read the threads about Google ads and I have them working fine in side panels on the downloads and forum pages but for some...

By phillipw1084 updated 2 days ago by Falk
57 views 4 posts 0 votes

I am wondering if someone can tell me what code to use or what I need to do to show a different homepage to each different Member Group...

By FreedomIOPList updated 2 days ago by Falk
31 views 2 posts 0 votes

PHP-Fusion Project Portal is my newest site and we are in need of members desperately. It is a site that allows members to get help...

By FreedomIOPList updated 3 days ago by FreedomIOPList
24 views 1 post 0 votes

Hi Guys, i am new on php fusion. And i am having a difficult on post videos with bbcode on my forum How do i use de bbcode.. both...

By bobsquad updated 4 days ago by Falk
53 views 2 posts 0 votes

Hi Guys, What is happen to this site and this community? It doesnt look active anymore. Many topics without comments, or only one...

By lifeguard updated 4 days ago by Falk
72 views 2 posts 0 votes

Hi, The plugin works fine but errors appear on the error log. What I should do so that these mistakes disappear? I use v7.02.07....

By rjx updated 5 days ago by rjx
50 views 1 post 0 votes

Hello, PHP is not available to download. The link from your homepage links to the start page and not to the downloadpage Thank...

By Angelo Kracht updated 6 days ago by Falk
48 views 2 posts 0 votes

We know bots is getting better and better. Even with Tokens & Googles latest captcha some fancy ones seems to bypass it. The Fusion...

By Falk updated 7 days ago by Falk
127 views 3 posts 0 votes

I have modified PHP-Fusion v7.02.07 and called it Chrome-Fusion. For all those who want to have more ranks in this system beside the...

By chrome511 updated 8 days ago by chrome511
1855 views 14 posts 0 votes

Talk Fever is a chat based website using PHP-Fusion and PCPIN Chat. Check it out and let me know what you think. I am also interested...

By TalkFever updated 8 days ago by FreedomIOPList
2542 views 7 posts 0 votes

Hi Where can i disable the newsgalery? In my eyes it is a bit useless

By lifeguard updated 10 days ago by zizub
162 views 5 posts 0 votes

What do i need to consider when upgrading from 7 to 9 concerning my own infusions? Should they work as they did before or do i need...

By jardenblack26 updated 10 days ago by Falk
50 views 2 posts 0 votes

I am trying th upgrade my site from v7.02.07 to the lastest version of 9 from the download page. I ftp'd all the files in the appropriate...

By BGLRadio updated 14 days ago by Falk
73 views 2 posts 0 votes

the Save button does not work clicking it doesn't do anything

By canhcam1023 updated 15 days ago by Falk
57 views 2 posts 0 votes


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