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Posted by Last replied by RobiNN 9 days ago

rss links

installed latest from github on localhost with Danish as installation language

everything BUT the RSS panel links are in Danish - where do I find them so I can correct it in the locales files?
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Posted by BGLRadio Last replied by douwe_yntema 15 days ago

Upgrade from V7.02.07 fail

I am trying th upgrade my site from v7.02.07 to the lastest version of 9 from the download page. I ftp'd all the files in the appropriate locations and once that is done, I got to my.site.com/install.php and it just gives me a blank page. Am I missing a step not listed on the readme file?
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Posted by razin Last replied by razin 15 days ago

Location in viewtopic

How to add for PHP-Fusion V7.02.07

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Posted by ikandi Last replied by ikandi 16 days ago

Monetization Strategy

Hi all,

Is there anybody using PHP Fusion for monetization purposes? I'm looking to develop a monetization strategy using the Fusion platform, rather than other avenues such as PrestaShop, Shopify etc.

Especially if PHP-Fusion has an E-Shop infusion that can be used, and (also) back-ended into an existing Fusion site thereby taking advantage of the existing infrastructure, especially the existing user base.

I have some ideas but it would be nice to see what other people are doing relative to their business and use of PHP-Fusion.

Some ideas include:

selling stuff (whatever that may be)
a subscription model to get access to locked areas of a PHP site (downloadables)
a donation model (like Patreon), or a Paypal click)


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Posted by marcolino Last replied by marcolino 19 days ago

Nivo Slider

I would like to know how to reverse the slides presentation (from last to first) in Nivo Slider infused in Version 7.
Perhaps somebody can help me. King regards
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Posted by Last replied by helmuth 21 days ago

fatal error after upgrade from 7.02.06 to 7.02.07

How to fix this error:


Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in /customers/4/e/8/BBBBBBBBB/httpd.www/maincore.php:295 Stack trace: #0 /customers/4/e/8/BBBBBBBBB/httpd.www/maincore.php(91): dbconnect('localhost', 'BBBBBBBBB', 'BBBBBBBBB', 'BBBBBBBBB') #1 /customers/4/e/8/BBBBBBBBB/httpd.www/index.php(18): require_once('/customers/4/e/...') #2 {main} thrown in /customers/4/e/8/BBBBBBBBB/httpd.www/maincore.php on line 295

BBBBBBBBB = secret info ;-)

It happened after switching PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.2
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Posted by Oskman Last replied by Chan 26 days ago

Problem with error messages in Bootstrap theme

Below the subheader in the boostrap theme there is a warning/error div that shows error messages both to users and admins and I can't find anywhere to remove it..not in the settings or in the theme files. Any help on this is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
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Posted by iceman50 Last replied by iceman50 29 days ago

Fatal error in Gallery admin - settings

when I try to enter my gallery settings, to change picture size and types, I get following error code:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare calculate_byte() (previously declared in /hsphere/local/home/damhoj/fo2graf-kbh.dk/includes/core_functions_include.php:1984) in /hsphere/local/home/damhoj/fo2graf-kbh.dk/infusions/gallery/admin/gallery_settings.php on line 290
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Posted by keddy Last replied by iceman50 29 days ago

Subcategories photogallery


This MOD enables subalbums for photogallery. You can create subalbums of current albums. An album can have both subalbums and albums.

-- View this Addon --
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Posted by douwe_yntema Last replied by afoster 1 month ago

Two errors in PHP-Fusion 7.03.00

On my site with PHP-Fusiob 7.03.00 I Discovered 2 errors I am not able to solve:

1 - When the locale is NOT set to English, an error occurs when editing an email template from the control panel. An error message is thrown and the template is not showing up. When locale is set to English, everything is working fine. The errors in the error log are:


Undefined offset: 0 Regel: 464
Undefined offset: 1 Regel: 99

In language settings language settings are enabled for e-mail templates. When language settings are NOT enabled for email template, the template is showing up, with only the first error in the error log.

2 - When submitting a file download as member (not in the admin panel) the submitted file and screenshot are not stored on the server. The following errors are reported in the error log:


Undefined index: download_filesize Regel: 242
Undefined index: download_file Regel: 244
Undefined index: download_image Regel: 245

It seems to be someting is forgotten to code in the submit.php. As said the files are not stored on the server, but the data is available in the table submissions, but not the url for the file and the screenshot.

As 7.03.00 is not officially supported, I hope someone can help me solve these 2 things I can't
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Posted by Last replied by helmuth 1 month ago

Cart - Pay with credits: if more than on item

it is possible to add several items in your cart, but if you check out (Pay with credit) only one of the items will be available for download afterwards :-(
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Posted by Last replied by helmuth 1 month ago

Register at this site not possible

It has ben reported on the Danish site that it is not possible to register at this site !!!

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Posted by Oskman Last replied by RobiNN 1 month ago

Question about variables in PHP Fusion 9

While coding PHP in custom pages in PHP Fusion 7 I used $userdata['user_name']; to get the current user. In PHP Fusion 9 this seems not to be around. So my question is how to get the logged in username now adays.

Thank you in advance!
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Posted by helmuth Last replied by Falk 1 month ago

dbquery does not show

I have this code that I want to produce a list of all items:


$result = dbquery(
 "SELECT 'dagensord_id', 'dagensord_text', 'dagensord_author' FROM 'fusion184Ny_dagensord'"

echo "
ID: ".$data['dagensord_id']."
echo "
TEXT: ".$data['dagensord_text']."
echo "
AUTHOR: ".$data['dagensord_author']."
echo "


but it only shows this:


Alle citater

What am I doing wrong?
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by Chan 1 month ago

Showing Different Home Page to Different Member Groups After Login?

I am wondering if someone can tell me what code to use or what I need to do to show a different homepage to each different Member Group I have on my site after they login? For example I have a standard homepage all members see even after login but I want a different one for each Member Group like Premium Members, Coders, Designers and etc. Can someone please help me out with this?
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Posted by duongtn34 Last replied by Chan 1 month ago

Infuse data from own infusion


i want to be able to include data from my own infusion into the php-fusion search engine.
i'd like to define the table and the cols where should be searched and the page that should be loaded if clicked on the search result.
how is this possible?
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Posted by Tilly Last replied by Tilly 1 month ago

Change from HTTP to HTTPS locks account registration !??

Admin - Settings - Main - Change from HTTP to HTTPS, locks account registration!?

With http web site setting under MAin seting and Admin has to verify new accounts registration works fine

With https web stie setting New User is registered in DB but will not show upp as new user at website after change from http to https under Main settings. Now https autoamatic change Website setting to e-mail verification On and sends e-mal to the new member with link what not work!?

I use PHP-Fusion 7.02.07

How works the http vs https funktion under Main settings and why affect this registration of new user accounts??
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Posted by Last replied by Falk 1 month ago

wrong forum view

text goes 'under' right side panels

found here https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusion...ost_205477
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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by Grimloch 1 month ago

Bday Panel/Event Calendar Infusion


This is my own Event Calendar/Birthday Infusion. It is loosely based on Artur Wibie's Aw_Ecal_Panel Infusion which he published in 2009. Having added the slideshow images to his calendar many years ago, I fell in love with it. I discovered that it will not run under PHP7.0 so I decided to build my own calendar and this is the result.

Events can be added, edited and deleted. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of his calendar but has it's own nice set of features. Unlike his calendar this one will show birthdays and events in Previous and Next months as far back or forward as you want to go.

The image slideshow feature (Credit: Dynamic Drive Scripts), can be toggled on and off. Several image folders are included for seasons and a few other image sets. The calendar background color may changed at will. Almost everything visually is changable via the included css file.

This is a basic birthday and event calendar. It includes my birthday PM to users feature which I removed from my Site Statistics Panel. This infusion is intended for users that cannot grasp the complications and intricasies of PHP-Fusion ver9 yet. It runs flawlessly on PHP-Fusion ver7.02.07.

Simply click on Calendar Admin to begin adding events to your calendar. A link is also included to administer the calendar slideshow images and background color.

-- View this Item --
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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by Grimloch 1 month ago

Site User Pages v4.0


With this infusion your users can create and edit their own personal user pages, up to four. Includes theme, header-image, ratings, hit counter and comments for each page. Each of the 4 pages are created and edited individually. A major change is the new image upload functions which create an image upload folder unique to and only visible for each user. The uploaded images are then available on the create/edit pages for insertion in the content area. Images are configured to display on the user pages at a 400 pixel width. I do not recommend changing this. But if you do 800px should be the max width.

Easily capture copy and paste into the content area, YouTube video IFRAME EMBED code from YouTube videos by right-clicking in the bottom bar of a video. When doing so change the video dimensions to 800px by 600px after pasting into the content area for the best visual display results.

-- View this Item --
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