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Posted by dailyxe Last replied by Falk 1 month ago

ParseError:Syntax Error X_String

I have virtual box guest Ubuntu, I installed LAMP successfully on it,
php works too because it responds to phpinfo(); but:
when I echo something out, I receive ParseError : Syntax Error X_String, expected ',' or ';'
chartset is utf-8, both in php.ini to php5/apache2 and
I also added AddDefaultCharset to apache2.conf
also editor saves the php file in utf-8.
yet no result and error shows up like the angel of death on my browser. (both FF and Chrome)
Thanks ahead
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Posted by matsta1 Last replied by Chan 1 month ago

Assistance with Dynamic Menu

Has anyone or is anyone using the Dynamic Menu by arced in the add-on market place? I am having troubles getting it to work.
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Posted by Catzenjaeger Last replied by Chan 1 month ago

Data protection regulation throughout Europe - is PHP Fusion ready ???

In May this year, the new data protection regulation will come into force throughout Europe. was here thought by the PHP Fusion developer or are things planned to be legally compliant? There are high penalties! Even if the UK leaves the EU ... there are also users outside the UK

sorry found no english article ... translate plz :)
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Posted by duongtn34 Last replied by Falk 1 month ago

Distribution of Patches & Releases

Up until today, we have distributed all releases and patches via SourceForge. This gives us statistics on downloads of each file, and we know that so far it has caused no bandwidth usage issues. It is also an established place for anyone to get the latest, or prior, releases of PHP-Fusion. Not long ago we also made an effort to gather most historical releases there as well. There is also a review function.

- Do we have stats on file downloads Github?
- Should we distribute via Github?
- If so, should we scrap SourceForge page all together?
- Should we keep SF for History?

Should we scrap SF, we need to consider all the links that go there.
Should we use both places, the link issue is gone, but we might need to inform about that on the SF page, somehow. We could also have a differentiated usage; development on Github and distribution on SourceForge.

In my opinion, we could still use SF for distribution library, hence keeping the Stats function untouched and an established repository in use.

Now, does this pose any problems in regards to Github? I realize it may be yet another step to upload the files package to SF, but we need to decide whether to do this or not, and consider the consequences.
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Posted by terrylzh Last replied by Falk 1 month ago

error with eshop infusion

hi I am having this error message at the infusion settings when at the payment settings page in admin panel with the eshop infusion https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/addondb/?addon_id=613

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getcolorname() (previously declared in /home/migroup2/public_html/infusions/eshop/functions.php:879) in /home/migroup2/public_html/includes/html_buttons_include.php on line 35

please advice.

the other setting links are working.

Merged on 08/30/2018:
also when I try to add a new product category I will get a denied error
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Posted by alexdo1986 Last replied by Falk 1 month ago

How to change user_levels?

All user_level's remained the same after upgrading.

101 -> 101

Proper levels should include "-" if I'm correct, regardless the logins for member's do not work after upgrading.
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Posted by terrylzh Last replied by terrylzh 2 months ago

unable to change admin passwords

hi I am having problems in changing admin password for all administrators.

all admin accounts is unable to change their admin passwords.

there is no error messages when keying in new admin password in edit profile but the new admin password that was entered is simply not being updated.

any advice please
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Posted by jedipeti Last replied by jedipeti 2 months ago

database error

I have a problem on the site that does not allow you to log on to the admin interface so I can not edit the web page. If I have a good understanding of what's in the source code, it's a lot of stuff pointing to a bad IP address. I do not understand how-how. Among them is mysql database. I suppose this fool. Can you somehow manually enter these writing or do I have to make a new web site?

Help me!

Sorry my English is very bad.
Im sorry if I open this thing in the wrong place.
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Posted by BatPower Last replied by Falk 2 months ago

fusionteam how to move

i am trying to fit the fusiontheme, but i cant fig. how to do this. can anyone help me.

now the text i all left, but i will like to move it to sratrt more center. where can i changes it ?
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Posted by Jankokuk Last replied by Falk 2 months ago

Birthday panel

www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/marketplace/uploads/image/t_1124.jpgPanel show today/tomorow birthdays and nameday. Can change in administration. Missing English name-day. you can add

-- View this Addon --
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Posted by Vyper69 Last replied by ikandi 2 months ago

Looking for infusion

Hello Everyone. Been awhile since i have been around, but i am looking for something that I can not find.

There used to be an infusion, that would give you something like a facebook wall. You could make friends and people could post to your wall. Does anyone know where I can find that infusion. It was for version 7
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Posted by LouLou49 Last replied by douwe_yntema 2 months ago

Best way to upgrade from version 6.01.19

hi all,

our website currently runs on v6.01.19

what is the the easiest and best way to update this to a more current version without losing too much content if possible

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Posted by songiuno Last replied by songiuno 2 months ago

How to Share profile avatar among multi-sites


Does anyone know how to get profile avatars to display/show across PHP-Fusion V7.02.07 multi-sites from the avatar set in the profile of the main site? I've been running two sites for a few years and am trying to tweak them until I'm ready to jump to v9.x. My main site's DB prefix is fusionrsl15.

Following the v7 manual, the multisite_include.php on my second site looks like this:

// Database table definitions
define("DB_ADMIN", DB_PREFIX."admin");
define("DB_ADMIN_RESETLOG", DB_PREFIX."admin_resetlog");
define("DB_ARTICLE_CATS", DB_PREFIX."article_cats");
define("DB_ARTICLES", DB_PREFIX."articles");
define("DB_BBCODES", DB_PREFIX."bbcodes");
define("DB_BLACKLIST", DB_PREFIX."blacklist");
define("DB_CAPTCHA", DB_PREFIX."captcha");
define("DB_COMMENTS", DB_PREFIX."comments");
define("DB_CUSTOM_PAGES", DB_PREFIX."custom_pages");
define("DB_DOWNLOAD_CATS", DB_PREFIX."download_cats");
define("DB_DOWNLOADS", DB_PREFIX."downloads");
define("DB_EMAIL_VERIFY", DB_PREFIX."email_verify");
define("DB_ERRORS", DB_PREFIX."errors");
define("DB_FAQ_CATS", DB_PREFIX."faq_cats");
define("DB_FAQS", DB_PREFIX."faqs");
define("DB_FLOOD_CONTROL", DB_PREFIX."flood_control");
define("DB_FORUM_ATTACHMENTS", DB_PREFIX."forum_attachments");
define("DB_FORUM_POLL_OPTIONS", DB_PREFIX."forum_poll_options");
define("DB_FORUM_POLL_VOTERS", DB_PREFIX."forum_poll_voters");
define("DB_FORUM_POLLS", DB_PREFIX."forum_polls");
define("DB_FORUM_RANKS", DB_PREFIX."forum_ranks");
define("DB_FORUMS", DB_PREFIX."forums");
define("DB_INFUSIONS", DB_PREFIX."infusions");
define("DB_MESSAGES", DB_PREFIX."messages");
define("DB_MESSAGES_OPTIONS", DB_PREFIX."messages_options");
define("DB_NEW_USERS", DB_PREFIX."new_users");
define("DB_NEWS", DB_PREFIX."news");
define("DB_NEWS_CATS", DB_PREFIX."news_cats");
define("DB_ONLINE", DB_PREFIX."online");
define("DB_PANELS", DB_PREFIX."panels");
define("DB_PHOTO_ALBUMS", DB_PREFIX."photo_albums");
define("DB_PHOTOS", DB_PREFIX."photos");
define("DB_POLL_VOTES", DB_PREFIX."poll_votes");
define("DB_POLLS", DB_PREFIX."polls");
define("DB_POSTS", DB_PREFIX."posts");
define("DB_RATINGS", DB_PREFIX."ratings");
define("DB_SETTINGS", DB_PREFIX."settings");
define("DB_SETTINGS_INF", DB_PREFIX."settings_inf");
define("DB_SITE_LINKS", DB_PREFIX."site_links");
define("DB_SMILEYS", DB_PREFIX."smileys");
define("DB_SUBMISSIONS", DB_PREFIX."submissions");
define("DB_SUSPENDS", DB_PREFIX."suspends");
define("DB_THREAD_NOTIFY", DB_PREFIX."thread_notify");
define("DB_THREADS", DB_PREFIX."threads");
define("DB_USER_FIELD_CATS", "fusionrsl15_user_field_cats");
define("DB_USER_FIELDS", "fusionrsl15_user_fields");
define("DB_USER_GROUPS", "fusionrsl15_user_groups");
define("DB_USER_LOG", "fusionrsl15_user_log");
define("DB_USERS", "fusionrsl15_users");
define("DB_WEBLINK_CATS", DB_PREFIX."weblink_cats");
define("DB_WEBLINKS", DB_PREFIX."weblinks");

My multi-site setup has been running fine far as I can see, with this one profile avatar exception.

Any help is appreciated.
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Posted by Catzenjaeger Last replied by Catzenjaeger 2 months ago

Whats wrong here .. i have a space


echo "
                     //$current = $data->f.figure_title."\t".$data->fbm.figure_manufacturer_name."\t".$data->fbb.figure_brand_name."\n";
                                 //$current = $data['figure_title']."\t".$data['figure_manufacturer_name']."\t".$data['figure_brand_name']."\n";
                                 //file_put_contents('MyAlienCollection.xls', $current);
                                 //header('Refresh: 0; url=MyAlienCollection.xls');       
                        // COLUMN 1 (image clickable)
                           // Get Image               
                              $imageURL = figures_getImagePath("item", "thumb2", $data['figure_id']);
                              echo "
                                 echo "
                              echo "
                        // COLUMN 2 (name of figure)
                              echo "
                                 echo "
                              echo "
                        // COLUMN 3 (manufacturer)
                              echo "
                                 echo "
                              echo "
                        // COLUMN 4 (brand)
                              echo "\n";
                        // COLUMN 5 (scale)
                              echo "\n";
                              // No release date or unknown = "no data"
                              if ($data['figure_pubdate'] == "") {
                        // COLUMN 6 (release date)
                              echo "\n";         
                              } else {
                              echo "\n";                  

                        // COLUMN 7 (rating)
                              $drating = dbarray(dbquery("
                                    SUM(rating_vote) sum_rating,
                                    COUNT(rating_item_id) count_votes
                                    FROM ".DB_RATINGS."
                                    WHERE rating_type='FI'
                                    AND rating_item_id='".$data['figure_id']."'
                              $rating = ($drating['count_votes'] > 0 ? str_repeat("",ceil($drating['sum_rating']/$drating['count_votes'])) : "-");
                              echo "\n";

                        // COLUMN 8 (edit)
                              echo "
                                    echo "
                                    echo figures_displayMyCollectionForm($data['figure_id']);
                              echo "
                           echo "
                     echo "

                  // PAGE NAV
                  echo $info['page_nav'] ? "
" : '';
                  echo "
                  echo "
                  //echo " Export to Excel";
                  //echo " | ";
                  echo " | ";
                  echo " Export to PDF (Table)";                                       
                  echo " | ";
                  echo "

thank you
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Posted by Ingrimmsch Last replied by Ingrimmsch 2 months ago

Get a License

Hello :),
my question is: What do i have to do to get a CCL license?

Under Licensing i can read much about the definitions of every license.... But i found nothing that defines what is have to do to get a license. Maybe i look over the right sentence.
Do i have to mail php-fusion.co.uk? If yes then which e-mail-adress?

thanks for your help,
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Posted by douwe_yntema Last replied by douwe_yntema 2 months ago

Infusion or mod for sending file

Does anybody know if an infusion or mod exist that let a user (or guest) upload a picture (or file) an send it to email address.
Its for PHP-Fusion 7

Thanks in advance
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Posted by heavencore Last replied by douwe_yntema 2 months ago

Advice on upgrade path

Hi there,

I have a few sites running on 7.02.07 - these contain large forums with 1000's of posts, hundreds of users etc

Over the last few months we've been getting hammered with automated attacks and bots. Pen tests show that the vast majority of these flaws are in php itself & recommends updating to php 7.2.4 etc.

As a result, please can I get some input on the following questions:

  1. 1: Am i correct in saying Fusion 7 wont run on PHP7
  2. 2: Is fusion 9 stable enough for me to consider upgrading now?
  3. 3: Wordpress receives security updates almost weekly, there hasn't been security updates for fusion 7 for years - are there known vulnerabilities in fusion 7 that justify updating to 9?
  4. 4: Has fusion 9 undergone penetration testing?
  5. 5: Is there a revised ETA on fusion 9 going live?
  6. 6: Is PHP 7.2.4 supported by fusion 9?
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Posted by michealgrzz Last replied by michealgrzz 2 months ago

Got Registration Error

I have been using phpfusion for about 2 months now without any problems. However today I had members recieving the following error

Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /home/australi/public_html/includes/smtp_include.php on line 106

Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to australianonlinepokerleague.com:25 in /home/australi/public_html/includes/smtp_include.php on line 106

I have not changed any settings.
The only thing I can see is that my webhost changed servers a few days ago. I have seen posts about this problem and have tried what is mentioned but no luck.
I have emailed the webhost but am still waiting for a reply to see if the port has changed.
Is there anything elseI can do at this stage?
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Posted by songiuno Last replied by songiuno 2 months ago

v7.02.07 fix for PHP7

I'm hoping this is the proper place to post this issue. I'm running PHP-Fusion v7.02.07, and my host will soon stop supporting PHP versions lower than v7. I found fix files in another support thread and applied them to my v7.02.07 install. Now, as a whole, my site runs on PHP7.2. However, I'm now having a couple of issues.

One of those issues is I now cannot attach files to forum posts. whenever I do and then attempt to save, the save fails and I get a screen warning "Prevented an unwanted file upload attempt!". If I roll back the PHP7 compatibility fix files to original v.7.02.07 files, and reset my host's options back to PHP5.6, file attachments are fine. I'm thinking that there is something in one or more of the compatibility fix files that triggers the forum attachment process into thinking the attachment is unsafe.

Does anybody have any experience with this to guide on how to fix this or maybe even comment out whatever causes the "Prevented an unwanted file upload attempt!" check? I don't know how to read the code to know what I'm looking for. Need help!
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Posted by houssin Last replied by Falk 2 months ago

Errors : installation v9

I tried to install php-fusion V9 in my server , then got the following error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file, expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) or quoted-string and whitespace (T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE) or ${ (T_DOLLAR_OPEN_CURLY_BRACES) or {$ (T_CURLY_OPEN) in /mounted-storage/home180/sub003/sc63189-HDXV/judo/infusions/news/infusion_db.php on line 30

Default PHP-Interpreter version: 5.6
MySQL Version : Maria DB 5.5 and higher
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