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Posted by Last replied by RobiNN 1 month ago

Atom9 - Ignition Pack


Atom9 is a package of 3 themes.

Note: to change theme you need to install widget.

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Posted by RobiNN Last replied by RobiNN 1 month ago

Arise for v9


Ported Arise Theme for PHP Fusion 9.

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Posted by RobiNN Last replied by RobiNN 1 month ago

Atom-X for v9


Atom-X theme ported for v9.

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Posted by Chan Last replied by Chan 1 month ago

Open Thread for PHP-Fusion 9.03 Development Status

Hello all, I have been contacted by our avid follower for the status quo of the Andromeda release.

Instead of replying privately, I would take this opportunity to inform everyone of the status quo and the plans for que for the next public release of 9.0.xx from the project code: Andromeda branch on Github.

Andromeda is lacking a few inspections at this moment:

1. Setup/Upgrade Installer.

There have been people who failed to update their site from version 7 to version 9 and cases have been reported.
One major setback was showed to me personally from the failure of upgrading to PHP-Fusion 9.0 by the USA NSS website.

I do not know why because as there are no reports given to me as of date.

Core Infusions upgrade specifically to the forum have been deemed problematic. There are 2 aspects that needs in-depth checking.

a. User Rights, and User Level
b. From Non-Multi language to Multi language

Solution: We might need a new installer patching / rework / approach / modelling.

That being said, this problem does not affect those who are running version 9 and above. It only affects people with version 7. Andromeda will need to fix this permanently because all future releases will inherit the same installer.

2. Enable Toggling of Error Logging in Administration. (File/SQL) base.

3. Official Andromeda Theme by RobiNN (Magazine) Tweaks have been released. (Checking status)

4. Dropping of Atom-X framework from Core (Removal of Theme Engine) in favour of adopting to multi frameworks.

As of now, we all know PHP-Fusion 9 must run Bootstrap 3 version. We are tied to it. Andromeda will need to release the grip, and be flexible enough to adapt more popular frameworks. To name a few:
a. Semantic UI - https://semantic-ui.com/
b. Foundation - https://foundation.zurb.com/
c. Materialize - https://materializecss.com/
d. Bootstrap 4 - https://getbootstrap.com/
e. UI Kit - https://getuikit.com/

These all carry different HTML markups. And the Core Components of Theme_Includes (Modal, Accordion Toggle, Dropdown, and Navigation Tabs) & Comments, Ratings, Sitelinks API all tied up to Bootstrap 3.xx, we need to rework all these components so that they can be fluid enough to generate the same components under multiple framework.

How do we achieve this? Through PHP-Fusion Template Engine. By going through an adapter that is now released in Andromeda, we will do boilerplates that the Template engine can read and decipher and output the correct elements.

The direct advantage we gain when we do this:
1. Site Speed. Noticeable 10x faster than ordinary inline echo, because it is raw HTML output parsing.
2. From raw HTML file, theme designer can work on just pure HTML, with no PHP knowledge required.

An example of HTML file that PHP-Fusion Template engine uses now (at this site even):

The above code is what makes up the Sitelinks in Andromeda forward. By modding the code above, you can see direct changes. Since the above is a Stock, I am also pleased to tell you that I have built a bypass so that you can override the HTML to your own custom file.

The API is this:

In your theme.php, add this line:



Now, the sitelinks will read into your own html file. So you can do A LOT of fancy like mega dropdown menus, etc on your theme level.

The method is here, the engine is also published. It's very simple, and lightning fast that re-optimize the entire PHP-Fusion core and transforms it into something else.

Since I can publish the codes here, means work have been done, and partially completed.

5. General Error Checking - Core Infusion.
We'll be using Andromeda extensively for next 60 days and fix all errors in Core Infusions.

6. Infusions Version NOT EQUALS Core Version.

We have seperated it out in Andromeda forward. Core Infusions will lead the development requirements and when API is insufficient, then you need to upgrade the PHP-Fusion Core. Otherwise, just keep your follows at the progress on PHP-Fusion CMS Official Supported Infusions ("known as CI from here onwards").

For this instance, let me put up an example.

You have CI Forum 1.0, which was released in PHP-Fusion 9.02. Now, CI Forum 1.2 has been released. You just update Forum itself only. No need to update the whole of PHP-Fusion.

Some day later, CI Forum 2.0 has been released, but it requires you to have PHP-Fusion CMS 9.03, then you need to upgrade PHP-Fusion CMS 9.03 to use that CI Forum 2.0. Through the installer, you need to run a special "installer" or "upgrade", and that is where your tables will need to be modified.

This is also where we are having problems now in Andromeda. (Fallback to Issue No.1), which we need to inspect to ensure that our new approach will need to work correctly.

Release Plan for PHP-Fusion Andromeda - The plan to finish up may be due end of 2018 or early 2019.

We will also need to compile the change logs.
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Posted by Last replied by djdandi 1 month ago

The news editor can not see my images

I write news in the editor of TinyMCE Editor and send pictures to news via the administration / images.php page for news. Unfortunately, TinyMCE editor can not see my pictures - why?
When will it be fixed?


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Posted by Crazy_Prof Last replied by RobiNN 1 month ago

Problem With Atom-X Theme and Fusion 9

Hello Guys,

have a problem... i want to renew my Website with PHP-Fusion 9 and the Theme Atom-X... i've download the actual theme version during the shop here and upload it to my website... when i activate the theme i get the following failure message:

"Fatal error: Cannot redeclare print_p() (previously declared in /users/listner-elektro/www/Fusion9/includes/core_functions_include.php:1539) in /users/listner-elektro/www/Fusion9/themes/Atom-X/theme.php on line 403"

I hope you could help me...

Greetings Kai

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Posted by RobiNN Last replied by RobiNN 1 month ago

Czechia Theme


Official theme for Official Czech Support with some modifications, for use on all sites

Translated to: English, Slovak, Czech, Danish

Github repo: https://github.com/RobiNN1/PHP-Fusion...es/Czechia

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Posted by heavencore Last replied by songiuno 2 months ago

Advice on upgrade path

Hi there,

I have a few sites running on 7.02.07 - these contain large forums with 1000's of posts, hundreds of users etc

Over the last few months we've been getting hammered with automated attacks and bots. Pen tests show that the vast majority of these flaws are in php itself & recommends updating to php 7.2.4 etc.

As a result, please can I get some input on the following questions:

  1. 1: Am i correct in saying Fusion 7 wont run on PHP7
  2. 2: Is fusion 9 stable enough for me to consider upgrading now?
  3. 3: Wordpress receives security updates almost weekly, there hasn't been security updates for fusion 7 for years - are there known vulnerabilities in fusion 7 that justify updating to 9?
  4. 4: Has fusion 9 undergone penetration testing?
  5. 5: Is there a revised ETA on fusion 9 going live?
  6. 6: Is PHP 7.2.4 supported by fusion 9?
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Posted by skpacman Last replied by Falk 2 months ago

Google reCAPTCHA v2 API


Google recently updated their reCAPTCHA service to use a newer, more updated, better streamlined version. Dubbed "noCAPTCHA", it can be solved by normal humans by just clicking a simple checkbox. For bots, however, it gets quite a bit more complicated. With several security measures built-in and checking at the browser-level, it's no wonder it's the #1 captcha system out there.

Soon, Google will be requesting people to update to their "v2 API" which gives you access to the noCAPTCHA system. This simple addon gives you that with a single infusion. The instructions couldn't be more simple, either. Just read the readme.md (open with notepad, notepad++, or your favorite IDE) and follow the simple steps. It's as easy as uploading the files and infusing the infusion.

If you need support, there's a problem, or you just have a question, please either post in this thread or send an email to skpacman@php-fusion.us and mention "Google reCAPTCHA v2" in the subject.

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Posted by helmuth Last replied by helmuth 2 months ago

print doesn't work

I use this code in an custom page - the page is populated with the data it's supposed to show, but the print button does not function?

any ideas why?

 function printDiv(divName) {
 var printContents = document.getElementById(divName).innerHTML;
 var originalContents = document.body.innerHTML;
 document.body.innerHTML = printContents;
 document.body.innerHTML = originalContents;
$result = dbquery(
 "SELECT user_id as user_id, user_name, user_email, user_phone_mobile, user_phone_home, user_geo
 FROM ************_users // altered the correct name with *
 WHERE user_status = 0 ORDER BY user_name ASC"
 echo "
 if (dbrows($result)) {
while ($data = dbarray($result)) {

if (!empty($data['user_geo'])) {
$a = explode("|", $data['user_geo']); // it becomes array and it will break into 6 parts
$street1 = $a[0];
$street2 = $a[1];
$country = $a[3];
$region = $a[4];
$city = $a[5];
$zip = $a[6];
$data['user_geo'] = "$street1, $street2, $city, $region, $country, $zip";
echo "
Navn: ".$data['user_name']."
echo "
Mail: ".$data['user_email']."
echo "
Mobil: ".$data['user_phone_mobile']."
echo "
Tlf.: ".$data['user_phone_home']."
echo "
Adresse: ".$data['user_geo']."
echo "

 } else {
 echo "No data in table.";
echo ">
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Posted by RobiNN Last replied by Falk 2 months ago



MDashboard White Material Design theme

Translated to: English, Slovak, Czech

Github repo: https://github.com/RobiNN1/PHP-Fusion...MDashboard

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Posted by RobiNN Last replied by RobiNN 2 months ago

AdminLTE Theme


Best open source admin dashboard ported to PHP-Fusion.

Translated to: English, Slovak, Czech, Danish

Github repo: https://github.com/RobiNN1/PHP-Fusion...s/AdminLTE

Original source: https://adminlte.io/

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Posted by helmuth Last replied by helmuth 2 months ago

edit profile social accounts youtube

No matter what you insert in the youtube field it points at one's own profile here at this site
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Posted by helmuth Last replied by Falk 2 months ago

No (visible) counter at Private Messages

I noticed that there was no counter visible when I received a Private Message this morning - so it's impossible to see that you've received messages here at this site.
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Posted by ikandi Last replied by ikandi 2 months ago



Just a few notes about this site:

I have 'borrowed' RobiNN's Czechia theme (credit in the footer), and customised the CSS to suit.

Mainly because of my banner which uses #171717 background color, so I made the theme background the same to get a seamless look.

Mostly, the Bootstrap framework looks quite nice, and our readers like the dark theme look instead of the original off -white which was very hard on the eyes.

We use bootstrap code on the front page, links to articles are wrapped in several objects such as: container-fluid, card-deck and card. If anyone is interested in the code that is used drop a line to this thread.

We also use responsive code for embedded videos and large images within our articles (we have over 7000 in the system), which are auto-sized whether on desktop or on a phone. Works great.

For search, we use both the native PHP9 search function, but we also use the bolt-on Google internal search engine which appears at the top of every page, which is slightly better in my opinion.

We also use a Tag Cloud function, which is a carry-over from PHP 7.02. It was a pain to get working, but we've got it going to about two/thirds functionality. The original developer is no longer coding anymore, and I really would like to tidy this up.

In our articles, we have changed the Ratings system to suit our purposes.

One of the things I really like about PHP9 is the FAQ Module. it uses a function that folds text (hide/unhide upon click), like you would find on a Knowledge Base. It's also similar to the Folded and Outliner plugin's you can find in the DokuWiki eco-system, and those work and look great in that environment. It would be great if the code used on FAQ could be used similarly in News, Articles or even Custom Pages. The ability to fold/unfold sections within an article or news block would be fantastic!

However, one area I always bemoan on PHP is BBCode. Having two environments which aren't harmonious at a content writing level isn't good. I'd prefer it if we just use HTML instead of BBCode. But that's me.. lol

I'd love it also if we can use Bootstrap code for responsive elements in BBcode, but this isn't supported. I'm sure there's a Bootstrap Editor that's available for BBCode, but the whole thing would probably need a revamp, and I know the Devs here are busy enough as it is.

The site looks good on a mobile too, though I would love it if some of the right sidebar options were only visible/selectable for a desktop (set page width dimension), rather than a phone, because on a phone, these show up underneath each other and can go on for ages as you scroll down.

Anyway, that's it for now.
Interested punters feel free to drop some feedback.
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Posted by Last replied by Falk 2 months ago

National Support Network

on home.php under 'Our National Support Network' the link to https://www.phpfusion.ro/ fails

and btw. it should open in a new tab/window

same problem with http://www.phpfusion.no/

link to http://www.phpfusionturkiye.com/ ends with an error 522
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Posted by helmuth Last replied by Falk 2 months ago

edit profile --> select region

in Denmark we do not have a region called Other States ... ;-)

is it a translation issue?
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Posted by helmuth Last replied by Falk 2 months ago

profile.php --> home.php

no matter where you are on the site you will be redirected to home.php
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Posted by Talocha Last replied by Falk 2 months ago

News Infinite Ajax Scroll v1.0


after many tests there you have an adaptation for News
- upload files to server
- http: //URL/news_scroll.php

- You can put as Entry Page
- go to Administration> Settings> Home
- Entry Page: news_scroll.php
save changes

What is Infinite AJAX Scroll?
Infinite AJAX Scroll is a jQuery infinite scrolling plugin. It works by reading the next (and previous) links of your existing server-side pagination and load these pages via AJAX when the visitor scrolls to the end of the page.
This approach, also known as progressive enhancement, is SEO-friendly and offers your users a better user-experience, resulting in longer visitor times and more page views.

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Posted by Jackler Last replied by Falk 2 months ago

Login like here

Hey People
Cann you give me a link to Download the Login page like here. Its very cool.
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