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Posted by shornsby Last replied by RyanCombs 2 months ago

Adding SSL Security Seal in Footer

I am trying to figure out how to add my SSL Security Seal to the footer but when i try to insert that code into the "footer" section in Settings>Main - "Site Footer" it never accepts the code. Everytime i save it, it disappears. I tried to paste the code in the regular box and also the source code box within the
container but neither option works. Any idea where i need to add this small bit of code for that seal to appear in the footer on Fusion9?

Update: I found the Footer section i need in the files. Im using Bootstrap, and found themes.php . Lines 160 - 180 are as follows.

// footer
 echo "
 echo showbanners(2);
 echo "
 echo "".stripslashes(strip_tags($settings['footer']))."
 echo "".showcopyright()."
 echo "Bootstrap Theme by PHP-Fusion Inc
 echo "";
 if ($settings['visitorcounter_enabled']) {
 echo showcounter();
 if ($settings['rendertime_enabled'] == '1' || $settings['rendertime_enabled'] == '2') {
 if ($settings['visitorcounter_enabled']) {
 echo " | ";
 echo showrendertime();
 echo "
 echo "
 echo "

I tried adding the Godaddy site seal code in just above the copyright section but ended up getting a site error, I am just not sure why it wont take it. the first part of the seal code is this..

I assume that this isnt working right because i am not adding it in correctly but im not sure how to go about this. I used to be alot better at this stuff than i am now.
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Posted by aznetcowboy Last replied by RyanCombs 2 months ago

captcha for user registration

I was wondering if there is any way to incorporate captcha coding into the user registration? I have been getting hit by so many spammers, hackers and phishers lately that it is becoming almost a full time job blacklisting or deleting them. I don't know how much help captcha will do, but it sure can't hurt.
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Posted by ikandi Last replied by ikandi 2 months ago

YouTube videos in BBCode

I'm not really a fan of BBCode in PHP Fusion.
It doesn't follow the same coding logic as the majority of the site, and IMHO, needs to be entirely overhauled or thrown out.
From what I can see, Bootstrap is not currently supported for BBCode within PHP Fusion 9. which makes it difficult to use Responsive div/class types within things like the forum and comments.

On other pages such as articles and news, I can use code for images and videos and make them responsive by using code such as:



Are there any plans to bring Bootstrap functionality into BBCode Land?

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Posted by Last replied by Grimloch 2 months ago

My Event Calendar/Birthday Infusion

I am hoping that my new birthday/event calendar infusion will be of use to members that are struggling to understand Fusion9.0... I don't wish to take away from all the hard work that the Fusion developers have put into ver9 but I know a lot of people are just average webmasters and cannot grasp the complications of ver9 yet; myself included. I have been using Wibix' aw_ecal_panel for a lot of years now and like it very much. However I discovered that it will not function under PHPver7. I took some ideas from his calendar, added my own and created a basic event calendar with birthdays. It includes my birthday PM to users feature from my Site Statistics Panel and of course my image slideshow(Credit: Dynamic Drive Scripts), for the calendar which I have had in aw_ecal_panel for a number of years. Any feedback from anyone will be greatly appreciated.
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Posted by djdandi Last replied by djdandi 2 months ago

Mass image upload in PA

Hello, can you add the ability to send several pictures at a time to news, article, blog etc. on the website www ..... / administration / images.php
Currently you can send one picture and this is a bit of a nuisance.
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Posted by Last replied by Homdax 2 months ago

Janmol has passed away - RIP

Last friday janmol had an heart attack which he didn't survive.

It is a great loss to the PHP-Fusion community, especially the Danish one.

We will miss him a lot.

janmol will be buried on saturday in his hometown Aarhus.

RIP - dear friend !
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Posted by Nathan Last replied by Nathan 2 months ago

Prosthetics Theme

Hi All

Its been a long while since I have been here and used PHP FUSION - I was very good friends with Digitanium (Nick) as he was one of my neighbours and got myself hooked on website making.

Anyway, fast-forward 10+ years and I now work as a Prosthetic Limb Technician, making/maintaining/repairs prosthetic limbs. I have been tasked with the job of updating/creating our centres website you bring it upto date with modern lift.

I was wondering if any of you kind souls out there would mind helping create a theme for the new website please. I have an idea in mind put basically need it converting into an actual theme.

sample can be found here: http://wrexhamalas.epizy.com/sample.png

Many Thanks
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Posted by dinger-dy Last replied by Blaineseis 2 months ago

How to change header

Hi, how to change header in my site, I use default theme from php-fusion "Phos".
I want change only header and logo, I know how to change logo, but how to change header?? my site www.hax.sql.lt
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Posted by Jamesarthur26 Last replied by Jamesarthur26 2 months ago

Help: Moving my page

Hi all,

Since like a week I'm thinking about moving my page to php-fusion.
My page is an SQL tutorial, wiec videos ect. I'm on a wordpress right now. Would you recommend on moving to php-fusion? I'm a newbie and WordPress is really easy, will I be fine on php-fusion? All comments welcome.

Oh and btw. How much would cost a transfer? I mean to pay someone who will be able to do it.
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Posted by Tilly Last replied by Chan 2 months ago

PHP-Fusion 9,0 and best working PHP server versions??


I will soon install PHP-Fusion 9.0 on my site but want to know best PHP Server version to use??

Requirements for PHP-Fusion 9.0 version
- PHP 5.5.08 or higher
- MySQL 5.1 or higher
- Apache 2.2 or higher
- Nginx 1.0 or higher - mod_rewrite or equivalent for SEO

My web Hosting available PHP server versions:
PHP 5,5
PHP 5,6 (Native)
PHP 5,6
PHP 7.0
PHP 7.1
PHP 7.2

Which PHP version to choose?
Will old adds on from PHP-Fusion 7.02.07 work?
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Posted by adamrobbins2018 Last replied by Chan 2 months ago


I didn't know where to post this but i have a simple questions. If i download PHP-fusion will it look like this site?:)
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Posted by Wanabo Last replied by Wanabo 3 months ago

Signature Rules before showing

I joined a site today powered by XenForo.

I like the signature rules feature. As a matter of fact I modded my v7 with a simple mod to show only signatures when the post count is greater than 5.

But it would be nice to have something like below in v9!
And all customizational of course.

Signature Rules:

Before you can modify your signature, you must have passed the following conditions:

The number of posts you have created must exceed: 10 (Yours: 1)
The number of Likes you've received must exceed: -1 (Yours: 0)
The Like:Post Ratio must exceed: -1% (Yours: 0%)
The number of days you have been registered must exceed: 1 (Yours: 0)
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Posted by Mihailo Last replied by Falk 3 months ago

Current theme

Hello. What theme is this forum using now? Is it available for download?
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Posted by Oskman Last replied by Falk 3 months ago

Turning off php fusion error logging

My question is as the topic says. Is there a way to disable the error logging that goes into the errors table in SQL database?

Thank you in advance for any help on this!
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Posted by Last replied by shadyjohnson 3 months ago

script to header

i try to add this lines to header beetween head tags on different sites
this code is a automatic affilate code for my ebay
but it dosent works
i have try
themes/templates -> header.php
and in my infusion at last

window._epn = {campaign:5338079397};

this is the origial lines

Copy the code below and paste it between the tags on your web pages.
Validate your setup by loading your website and hovering over any eBay link. These should now be linked to "rover.ebay.com / ...".
window._epn = {campaign:5338079397};

can anyone help me? thank you
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Posted by jjwichter Last replied by jjwichter 3 months ago

Move user accounts from 7 to 9

I have two PHP fusion sites 1st one is 7.02 and the other 9.0. Is there a way to move the user accounts from 7 to 9?

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Posted by dailyxe Last replied by Falk 3 months ago

ParseError:Syntax Error X_String

I have virtual box guest Ubuntu, I installed LAMP successfully on it,
php works too because it responds to phpinfo(); but:
when I echo something out, I receive ParseError : Syntax Error X_String, expected ',' or ';'
chartset is utf-8, both in php.ini to php5/apache2 and
I also added AddDefaultCharset to apache2.conf
also editor saves the php file in utf-8.
yet no result and error shows up like the angel of death on my browser. (both FF and Chrome)
Thanks ahead
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Posted by matsta1 Last replied by Chan 3 months ago

Assistance with Dynamic Menu

Has anyone or is anyone using the Dynamic Menu by arced in the add-on market place? I am having troubles getting it to work.
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Posted by Catzenjaeger Last replied by Chan 3 months ago

Data protection regulation throughout Europe - is PHP Fusion ready ???

In May this year, the new data protection regulation will come into force throughout Europe. was here thought by the PHP Fusion developer or are things planned to be legally compliant? There are high penalties! Even if the UK leaves the EU ... there are also users outside the UK

sorry found no english article ... translate plz :)
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Posted by Last replied by Falk 3 months ago

Lý giải tên Call Vincity Ocean Park

Vincity Ocean Park là một trong những dự án mang hãng nhà Tại đại chúng do tập đoàn Vingroup khởi công vào hai 2017. Nhà đầu tư đặc biệt quan tâm đến tên Gọi dành riêng cho mỗi dự án những cái tên đặc biệt, khác nhau mang các ý nghĩa nhất định của dự án. Vậy hãy thử lý giải tên call Vincity Ocean Park xem nó mang ý nghĩa gì.

Xem thêm : Vincity Ocean Park
Cái tên đặc biệt Vincity Ocean Park
chẳng hề ngẫu nhiên chủ đầu tư lại đặt tên cho dự án Tại Trung tâm Gia Lâm là: Vincity Ocean Park, bởi nó đã nói lên được khái quát đặc trung cửa dự án trọng Điểm này. Ocean nghĩa là biển and Park tức là công viên, tóm lại nó tức là khu đại đô thị vừa có biển hồ vừa có mạng lưới công viên lớn rộng lớn lớn. Vincity Ocean Park đc đặc biệt cài đặt có biển hồ nước mặn tầm 6,1ha, chiếm khoảng 11% tổng diện tích mặt nước của khu đô thị, rất ít những dự án chung cư thiết kế được Điểm này, nhất là đối với khu chung cư giá rẻ. Đây là biển hồ nước mặn ban đầu Ở TP Hà Nội, đc thiết kế bãi cát tự nhiên, men theo dọc bờ biển là những dòng sản phẩm cây cảnh phổ của vùng biển, tạo tạo cư dân cảm giác đang đc sống chuẩn giữa miền biển thơ mộng.
Hồ lớn Cửa hàng của khu đô thị có diện tích 24,5ha với các bãi cát Trắng ven hồ. cùng diện tích lớn rộng lớn lớn, hồ Trung tâm sẽ góp phần điều hòa không khí, đem lại cảm hứng yên bình. Bên cạnh đó, Vincity Ocean Park còn có hệ thống công viên & cây blue lên tới 62ha. Điểm này không những tạo ra sự lãng mạn tạo khu đô thị mà nó còn hỗ trợ điều hòa khí hậu, cân bằng sinh thái và chứa chất tư duy phong thuỷ.
Biển hồ nước mặn, công cục xanh, mật độ xây dựng thấp, khu thể thao giải trí ngoài trời đc xen kẽ giữa các khu dân cư, đc quy hoạch xuyên suốt, cho tính liên kết ấn tượng, đặc sắc cho Vincity Ocean Park, khiến khu đô thị này trở thành Singapo thu nhỏ giữa lòng TP Hà Nội.
Xem thêm => Những thông tin cần biết về Vincity và dự án Vincity Ocean Park Gia Lâm
Tiện ích của Vincity Ocean Park

những tiện ích đc xây dựng chung cho mạng lưới chung cư Vincity đó là: hệ thống y tế, hệ thống trường học, Shop thương mại, siêu thị… Vincity Ocean Park còn có hơn 100 sân thể thao đa dạng: tenis, cầu lông, sân tập bóng rổ. mạng lưới bể bơi trong nhà & ngoài trời hơn 300 –1000m2; mạng lưới sân chơi tạo trẻ em, sân chơi vận động, thảm cỏ dưỡng sinh thỏa mãn nhu cầu vui chơi and rèn luyện sức khoẻ…
Thì Ngoài ra, Vincity Ocean Park còn có những Điểm lưu ý chỉ có riêng sau đây đó là có Trường Đại học VinUni, được cài đặt theo tiêu chí quốc tế, tích hợp các tinh hoa của giáo dục đại học toàn cầu. cá biệt, Vincity Ocean Park có mạng lưới an ninh 5 lớp vô cùng tiên tiến and đẳng cấp, bảo đảm an toàn tuyệt đối cho cư dân.
Khu đô thị có không ít công viên BBQ cùng khoảng 100 điểm nướng and dã ngoại cho những gia đình. Sẽ không cần thiết phải đi đâu xa, vào những ngày cuối tuần, cư dân của khu đô thị có thể thỏa thích đi dã ngoại, thư giãn, vui đùa phía gia đình ngay trong khu đô thị. Vincity còn có hệ thống công cục ngoài trời phong phú & đa dạng. trong đó phải nói tới công cục chiếc điện thoại Gym ngoài trời. Cư dân có thể vừa rèn luyện sức khỏe, vừa đc đắm chìm trong không khí trong lành của thiên nhiên.
Lý giải tên Hotline Vincity Ocean Park chỉ hỗ trợ các bạn hiểu được mặt quý khách hàng quan cửa dự án. Tiện ích và thiết kế thực tế của dự án mới là điều thực sự thu hút người tiêu dùng vào Vincity Ocean Park.
Xem thêm : vincityoceanpark.weebly.com
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