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Posted by Falk Last replied by MRKegtsc 3 months ago



The readme is quite comprehensive, please go thru it for answers.
Also check the settings section, you can control this shop well from it.

Some features the eShop have :

* Highly customizable product view
* Fully dynamic cart actions
* Coupon system, Percent or Sum based with definable start and stop times.
* Featured products with customizable order and products for frontpage and each category.
* Featured headers with customizable order, banner rotator for frontpage and each category.
* 3 ribbon levels ( New,Campaign,Incoming )
* Sortable product ordering
* Sortable product image gallery's
* Unlimited Categories
* Customizable shipping methods
* Customizable payment methods
* Customizable callback scripts
* Comprehensive orders and orders history management
* Customer registry connected to user id´s
* Filtering options for both product search and general listings
* Automatic stock management
* Sold products counter
* Useable even if you have only a few products without categories
* PayPal ready to go out of the box with an IPN Verify Example
* Guests can shop

And ofc much more..

Changelog 1.1

* The shop can now handle . Separated prices. ( 9.49 ) etc
* All instances with http://"+window.location.hostname+"/ have been changed to '.$settings['siteurl'].' in functions, it will add better support for subdirs.
* Cart is no longer visible on checkout when purchasing buynow products.
* Buy now products will from now on be saved to the records as intended.
* Changed ouid from int to varchar for guest IP´s to be stored, this change also fix the no orderID bug when a PM is sent from guests that shop.
* Fixed a bug with filters that would reset on category change.
* Fixed a bug in productsearch.php where pagenav would not be active if filters had not been initiated by user.
* Fixed a bug where pagenav could go inactive within categories and featured products.
* Added an automatic replace of , to . for weight when saving products to avoid faulty input and denied messages.
* Added an automatic replace of , to . for price when saving products to avoid faulty input and denied messages.
* Added better support for other locale special characters in the preg_match section for product handling.
* More special chars are allowed in the Title and Dynamic fields.
* Added a category check to admin photo gallery´s edit link.
* Guest´s customer names is not linkable in to the customer DB anymore.

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Posted by ikandi Last replied by Falk 3 months ago

This site has a security issue (SSL/HTTPS)

The site is reading an error with SSL and HTTPS. Please fix.
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Posted by ferraris3 Last replied by ferraris3 3 months ago

Download link is not working

download link is not working .. https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/addondb/?addon_id=1035

and there is more links not working as well
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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by Grimloch 3 months ago

Latest 7.02.07 download

I am having massive problems with my websites that are running 7.02.07; namely the /e deprecated modifier in the bbcodes. So I d/l'ed the latest 7.02.07 thinking that you guys would have already fixed this problem in the appropriate bbcodes but I found out that the scripts are still the same! The preg_replace functions STILL have not been modified to preg_replace_callback. I have tried many times to manually modify these functions in the bbcodes but DO NOT UNDERSTAND how to make it work. When I remove the /e and change the function to preg_replace_callback I get errors that say the second parameter is missing. Can someone PLEASE explain to me how to do this. I've searched on the web in all the other forums that deal with php coding and everything I find dealing with preg_replace_callback is so cryptic and complicated that I can't make heads or tails out of it.
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Posted by HobbyMan Last replied by outlaw16151 3 months ago

Facebook Comments Panel

www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/marketplace/uploads/image/968.jpgThis is an alternative to the built-in comments system. It allows Facebook users to leave comments on your site in News, Articles, Photos, Downloads and Custom Pages.

This is a completely standalone system that does not require any core file modification

see readme for installation and configuration.

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Posted by outlaw16151 Last replied by outlaw16151 3 months ago


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Posted by Craig Last replied by outlaw16151 3 months ago

PANEL SNIPPIT:: Some Site Stats Panel

PANEL SNIPPIT:: Some Site Stats Panel


Here is the code for the Some Site Stats Panel used on the homepage of this site.

Go to Admin >>> System >>> Panels >>> Add a new center panel.

Paste in this code and enable it.

if (iGUEST) {
$locale['stat001'] = "Member";
$locale['stat002'] = "Members";
$locale['stat003'] = "Some Site Stats";
$locale['stat004'] = "Stats";
$locale['stat005'] = "There has been ";
$locale['stat006'] = " and ";
$locale['stat007'] = " Registered Members  since";
$locale['stat008'] = " logged in today and ";
$locale['stat009'] = " new ";
$locale['stat010'] = " registered today. ";
$locale['stat011'] = "We have ";
$locale['stat012'] = " Downloads, ";
$locale['stat013'] = " forum threads and ";
$locale['stat014'] = " forum posts.";
$locale['stat015'] = "There are ";
$locale['stat016'] = " comments";
$locale['stat017'] = " shouts posted.";

$members_registered = dbcount("(user_id)", DB_USERS, "user_status<='1' OR user_status='3' OR user_status='5'");
$members_today = number_format(dbcount("(user_id)", DB_USERS, "user_status<='1' AND user_lastvisit > UNIX_TIMESTAMP(CURDATE())"));
$new_members_today = number_format(dbcount("(user_id)", DB_USERS, "user_status<='1' AND user_joined > UNIX_TIMESTAMP(CURDATE())"));
$downloads = dbcount("(download_id)", DB_DOWNLOADS);
$counter = number_format($settings['counter'])." ".($settings['counter'] == 1 ? $locale['global_170'] : $locale['global_171']."");
$threads = dbcount("(thread_id)", DB_THREADS);
$posts = dbcount("(post_id)", DB_POSTS);
$comments = dbcount("(comment_id)", DB_COMMENTS);
include_once INFUSIONS."shoutbox_panel/infusion_db.php";
$shouts = dbcount("(shout_id)", DB_SHOUTBOX);
$site_opened = dbarray(dbquery("SELECT user_id, user_joined FROM ".DB_USERS." WHERE user_id='1'"));


echo "
".THEME_BULLET." ".$locale['stat005'].$counter.$locale['stat006'].$members_registered.$locale['stat007']." ".showdate("longdate", $site_opened['user_joined'])."

".THEME_BULLET."  ".$members_today." ".($members_today == 1 ? $locale['stat001'] : $locale['stat002']."").$locale['stat008'].$new_members_today.$locale['stat009'].($new_members_today == 1 ? $locale['stat001'] : $locale['stat002']."").$locale['stat010']."
echo THEME_BULLET." ".$locale['stat011'].$downloads.$locale['stat012']." \n";
echo"    ".$threads.$locale['stat013'].$posts.$locale['stat014']."
echo THEME_BULLET." ".$locale['stat015'].$comments.$locale['stat016']."\n";
echo"  ".$locale['stat006'].$shouts.$locale['stat017']."\n";

NOTE: This panel is configured for GUESTS only, members will not see it, only guests will.
If you want everyone to see it just remove...

if (iGUEST) {

And at the bottom of the panel code remove the closing }

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Posted by douwe_yntema Last replied by Wanabo 3 months ago


This is the function isnum from maincore:

// Validate numeric input
function isnum($value, $decimal=false) {
   if (!is_array($value)) {
      if($decimal==true) return (preg_match("/^[0-9]+(\.{0,1})[0-9]*$/", $value));
      return (preg_match("/^[0-9]+$/", $value));
   } else {
      return false;

How can it be changed to accept negative numbers ass well?
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Posted by Falk Last replied by outlaw16151 3 months ago



You can upload own movies or add external urls, search, get a random movie per click and we have a random movie panel with thumb view & scroller to show latest movies.
You can use it to stream external media to your site with the .stm
Add google & youtube (any video that allow embedding) with the native embed function.
flv,swf & mp3 is supported by playlist´s, if you plan to use more formats we recommend playlist options off while favorites still will work.
Kroax will automatically play any mp3´s added and show a default picture for it in the lists, ,if you add mp3´s to your favorites you can also launch a playlist from there.

Users can switch between thumbview or detailed listview while browsing.
Users can send selected movie link to friend´s.
Users can comment on every movie.
Users can search the movie database.
Users can vote on every movie with stars showing average votes.
Users can report broken links on selected movies.
Users can upload their own links.
Users can upload their own movies.
Unlimited Subcategory´s support.
You can choose to have it embedded on your site or have popups.
You can choose width & height for images, the resize will follow your settings, default is 150/85.
You can either list a nice gallery showing all your movie albums or show the latest,default images for albums is provided thanks to utadexter.
Uploaded thumbs will autoresize, (png,gif,jpg)
It have a hit counter on every movie with date & uploader.
Access to categories / individual items can be set based on fusion group access system (user groups).
Admin gets PM on reports & uploads and a nice admin interface for checking and testing the incoming movies or reported bad urls.
Native mp3 playback support.
Auto dump unlimited amount of movies / music / images to your database instantly with the autoloader.
Just about everything is optional via a nice settings page.

If you have a stream link you can add it like http://address: port.stm

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Posted by ikandi Last replied by ikandi 3 months ago

Systems Tag Panel (for v9.0)

Glad to see PHP9 is coming together well. It still seems though that the uptake from v7.02 is still slow. Hopefully that will change in time.

This time I have a query about the use of Tags within PHP Fusion.

Like many, I deployed the use of the Tags System Panel infusion, as created by user/developer Hobbyman. A great infusion, where tags could be integrated onto your site without the modification of core files.

On my previous 7.02 system, it worked like a charm, and I would like to add it into the 9.0 system, but alas, using the same code it doesn't quite work.

Unfortunately, it would seem that Hobbyman is no longer involved in coding anymore, according to his website. He stopped around February this year.

Is anyone familiar with the Systems Tag Panel that he wrote?

I'm very keen to re-establish it for my site. I would even pay someone to work on the code, which doesn't appear to be too onerous - but beyond me I'm afraid.. lol


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Posted by Grimloch Last replied by Grimloch 3 months ago

ColorBox Stops Working

My whisperwillow site is hosted with A2 Hosting. Since they now offer the ( Let's Encrypt ) secure/https solution for free I have done that on my site. After doing so I found out that the colorbox image zoom function no longer works. Any ideas why and how to fix?
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by Harlekin 4 months ago

User Fields Manager

I searched and searched for this Infusion created by PopUpMan for me a long time ago. What it does is create Categories and Userfilds for you so you don't have to do it manually. It Infused fine, allowed me to create a Userfield Category fine and let me create a Userfield fine but it won't let me Enable the Userfield. Can someone please look at this Infusion and fix it, please? This Infusion saves tons of time. The Infusion is attached.
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Posted by ikandi Last replied by ikandi 4 months ago

Cannot enter weblinks

This may be a known issue or not, but why are the entering of URLs' refused on user's Profile pages, and also in Content /Web Links section?
I have to bypass it and enter them directly into the mySQL database, which is time consuming and not ideal.

What is the latest situation?

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Posted by ikandi Last replied by RobiNN 4 months ago

Articles: Comments and Ratings (Math is not quite right)

I use the Articles table quite a bit. In fact, my site has close to 7000 articles all told; which are all music/album reviews.

Within it, we use the Comments and Rating system. In fact, I have modified my Rating selections, as the default was too frugal for choices. Mine operates on scores between 100% and 10%, with increments of 5%. This means there are 19 options in there now, compared to the original 5. Changes are made in the includes/ratings_include.php file.

Anyway, my issue is this. At the tail of each article, there is the grey block which shows the Authors username, date, number of comments and ratings. Refer to the attachment.

However, the maths for the ratings don't seem to be right. Here's how the total of Comments and Ratings works out:

If there are zero comments and zero ratings, then the block displays correctly: 0 and 0.
If there are zero comments and one rating, then the block displays correctly: 0 and 1.
If there are two comments and zero ratings, then the block displays correctly: 2 and 0.


If there are two comments and one rating, then the block displays incorrectly: 2 and 2. (2x1)
If there are four comments and three ratings, then the block displays incorrectly: 12 and 12. (4x3)

I know the code uses @Count for Comments and @Sum for Ratings. So I'm not sure if this is correct, but I've had users say to me that the numbers don't add up correctly for ratings. Referring to the mySQL database, the numbers are definitely correct in there, and anyway, on the Article page, you can clearly see the actual comments and the actual ratings.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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Posted by razin Last replied by RobiNN 4 months ago

Secure Image 3


Is Secure Image 3 for PHP-Fusion V7.02.07
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Posted by Falk Last replied by outlaw16151 4 months ago


www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/addondb/img/addon_logo.pngShows last seen members and members that are online in a dived box with a nifty animate effect if you browse the container.
A total of 40 last seen people is default with 8 visible at a time.
Additionally this will also show who is playing games or watching videos if you use Kroax and VArcade with the keep alive systems on.

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Posted by Falk Last replied by outlaw16151 4 months ago

NextArcade Game concept site

Just to let people know that i still do and produce things, altho ive been bound with projects and manageing.

I did some playing before X-Max with a new theme and a improved VArcade system.
It has some fancy 3D effects when scoreing new High-Scores and All Time High-Scores you can check it out here NextArcade

Here is a Swedish version with some theme GFX Max made for me years ago : Epla

Alot of the features will be a part of the new VArcade version aswell.

I typed a fast changelog here VArcade stuff

Integreation on Fusion site with more content : Venue Gamepage

You can expect me releasing a eShop and a Classifieds system pretty soon aswell.
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Posted by ikandi Last replied by ikandi 4 months ago

Using Smileys - Forum Posts and Comments

Hi there everyone,

My first post here as a PHP 9.0 user.

I need some assistance with some functionality issues with my recently migrated PHP 9.0 Site.
It's looking good btw guys, a lot of work has gone into PHP9, so well done.

My site is using the Bootstrap theme by default. I preferred this to the other two, as I was recently using the Bootstrap 3 theme in DokuWiki, which looked quite beautiful.
There are a number of teething issues I've identified; I'll create separate threads for these as I go.

The first one is to do with Smileys. I have loaded up quite a few additional smileys on my site, well over the number of originals which shipped with the PHP9 download.

When creating forum posts, or replying to Comments, if you use Smileys, the Smileys Pop Up Box from the Editor disappears behind the forum post and/or comment window/screen. You can't get access to them. Sometimes, they will overflow underneath the post/comment window/screen, which remains in the foreground.
I notice it's the same for this site too.

Sometimes the Footer script on the page also interferes with smileys too. You try to click on a smiley, but a link like the GNU Affero GPL Link gets in the way.

This makes it frustrating for users to be unable to access smileys visually/physically. The way around it is to memorize the shortcodes of the smileys and put it in a 'cheat-sheet', but that defeats the purpose of having smileys in the Forum/Comments Editor.

I'm just wondering if someone could look at this when there is an opportunity.
I've added an attachment to describe/ visualize the issue.


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Posted by Sladdaren Last replied by Sladdaren 4 months ago

Avatar showing when you logged in


This site looks strange nowdays i think there is som spam posted in the forum :@. Hope this site is going to be alive and active. Anyway a question

I had facebook connect installed and that infusion showed the users avatar on top of the user_info_panel.
Now i unistalled facebook connect beacasuse it dont work.
I would like to have the users avatar showing when loged in. If there is a chance i can get the avatar to showing on the left/upper side when logged in. And if there is a visitor on the site it shows nothing.

The upper/left corner in this picture i would like to have the users avatar showing when logged in.
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Posted by sadamyne Last replied by sadamyne 4 months ago

Infusions after upgrade


I upgrade from version 7 to an early version 9 and now to the last version.
After upgrade my infusions admin panel is empty.
Is this normal?
Thanks in advance
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