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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by FreedomIOPList 7 months ago

PHP-Fusion Project Portal - Free & Paid PHP-Fusion Projects

PHP-Fusion Project Portal is my newest site and we are in need of members desperately. It is a site that allows members to get help with their PHP-Fusion (and other CMS and scripts) projects like add-ons, themes and etc. It also offers a lot of paid PHP-Fusion Jobs. Members can post jobs they need help with, there's both free and paid job forums and also those looking for work can advertise their skills in the forums also.

I have also been testing and uploading some VERY OLD Infusions from years ago for download and for use on the site. Many of the Infusions are not available anywhere else. There's also lots of other content as well as Premium Memberships available which are optional. The site is heavily modified with Add-Ons, most of which are available for download in the Downloads section.

Currently, I have about 50 different PAID Projects I need those with PHP-Fusion skills to work on. If you have skills in PHP-Fusion and are interested in earning extra cash, please join the site or if you need help with any PHP-Fusion or other projects, please join us.

Currently, we have a free generic domain but I will be purchasing a domain for the site very soon. You can find and register on the site at http://www.phpfusionprojectportal.tk. If you have any trouble registering, let me know. Most site content is not available until after you register.
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Posted by dimki Last replied by dimki 7 months ago

theme Question

http://www.hellasplus.com/9/home.php every theme it gets data from which is not in theme all css is a mess in footer in search normally it is not so confuse with other codes http://www.hellasplus.com/news.php original the files normally must all be in theme not in includes /bootstrap left, right only in theme that code is for it theme thanks

( Google translator )
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Posted by Rudios Last replied by Rudios 8 months ago

Deleting users in bulk/all

Would it be possible to delete registered user in bulk or maybe all users and how would I do this?
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Posted by lifeguard Last replied by lifeguard 8 months ago

EMoji from mobile not work

Hi guys,

after a long time, i upgrade my php-fusion site to the latest
it looks realy fantastic.

There is only 1 question.
When i comment via mobile, and i put a emoji in a comment, the comment show only the ?-symbol.

Will this be fixed in the fauture?
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Posted by helmuth Last replied by helmuth 8 months ago

search missing pages


search produces a lot of results and claims it will show 100 of the results, but only shows 10
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Posted by helmuth Last replied by helmuth 8 months ago

Search via magnifying glass

clicking the magnifying glass (upper right corner) produces a "What do you need to find?"-area

you are able to type your search criteria and after hitting enter it does not produce any results - it only redirects you to the search.php?stype=all page
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Posted by helmuth Last replied by helmuth 8 months ago

user geo on profile

Select region does not work

Edit profile / Contact Information


you can only choose Other States
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Posted by sandleaf Last replied by sandleaf 8 months ago

been a long time

I Am sorry to hear about Nick. I recall using a beta version before it was released to the general public!

Anyways, in honour of Nick Jones. Ive chosen to utilize php-fusion for the company's web site. 1 problem, I do not program anymore, infact I do not even have a computer!
I want understand out there with a valid company who'd design a site using php combination (motif and all of the addons I have a symbol.) And server with cpanel, domain.
Its a Landscaping company so that it'll probably be a whole entire new ball component for PHP fusion. :-)
Im prepared to go threw a personal individual if they're a staff member. (Security reason sorry) if maybe you will need a physical workplace.
BTW, the servers I'd like nearest to Tampa Bay as you possibly can. Hurry for my clients ya know.
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Posted by Last replied by dangdongho1 8 months ago

All Errors and Problems GONE!

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Upper-end futon Mattress is another focus this time, because there are an increasing number of sellers and merchants want to rise over the group's ever-growing mass marketplace.

Wolf Industries, together with Its brand new line of Legacy futon mattress, and hopes to make a splash at this occasion also to capture all the needs and wants. The item has viscoelastic latex, foam finger foam and Aerolife fiber, all inside a silk-cashmere-polyester wrap round it. Wolf also wants to highlight a more natural, Earth-friendly futon line.

"We discovered things Which were very popular in the market and place them in one product in a specific, special configuration to determine if we could think of a comfortable, ultra-luxurious surface, and we all did," said Gary Cohen,'' Wolf's national sales manager. "We simply called it'the kitchen sink' till we called it that the Legacy."

The supply Strategy of Wolf would be to focus more on the futon mattress retailers that are willing to embrace and always supply the lucrative category.

Bob Naboicheck, President of Gold Bond Mattress Co., said the business will also continue to expand its premium futon line for retailers.

"You can go from a Yugo to a Rolls Royce in a bed for about $200," Naboicheck Explained. "The persuasive comfort narrative of the superior futon mattresses is quite salable and makes it more profitable for retailers. The average unit selling price is most likely up 33 percent in the previous couple of years at retail."

A premium-quality futon Mattress brings considerably more comfortable knowledge compared to some static couch or a traditional sofa-sleeper, naturally. That extraordinary sales narrative has forced Gold Bond to get the standing of top retailers within the previous two years, Naboicheck explained. The most recent generation of futon mattress, that is assumed to be sold at $499, are manufactured with viscoelastic foam and natural Talalay-process latex to open up much more doors. The product line isn't title yet and will soon be unveiled in this expo.

At Precisely the Same time, this Company will take advantage of this chance to introduce its 12 models of conventional futon mattresses, comprising latex and some foam-encased innerspring beds, and for the crossover retail sector.

"Our standard Bedding company is up 300% in the last calendar year," he explained. "We've invested millions of dollars in new equipment, and we have restructured our traditional bedding line. We are finally reaping the benefits of this"

Classic Sleep Products Continues pushing to the showroom of standard bedding retailers by using its visco-elastic flagship bed -- PostureTemp.


"Retailers who Could have been unwilling to branch to the world of specialty bedding embraced our product due to the excellent margin it offered and appreciated the quality and curb appeal," said Sande Lewisdirector of sales for the corporation. "By not needing minimums and maintaining our program simple, we also made it effortless to conduct business with us" best futon mattress reviews quality online

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Based on Gordon, The expected sales this year increases with this expo since it is held in the East Coast and there are a plenty of small retailers in this area as it's impossible for them to attend the futon mattress reveals in the west.

A West Coast futon Mattress frame importer and manufacturer, Adonis, anticipates this expo can be a marketing application for them to present the goods to New England retailers. They also has a huge distribution facility in Connecticut to deal with the busy Eastern seaboard.

"It is a huge Business opportunity for us to move in there and have the goods set up to deliver to merchants in that region," explained Matt Sansoe, general manager at Adonis.

In accordance with Sansoe, Adonis will introduce four new rattan futon mattress frames with the reduced price but still maintain the"Tommy Bahama look."

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On the other side, Cotton Works, a futon frame cover maker, points out the current problem of the economy is consumers maintain look for a good appearance. "Leather covers are doing well," said Jim Martin, president of Cotton Works.

He also explained that futon Mattress covers, whichever is fabric or leather, may satisfy the customers' need about style at their dwelling. So retailers jumping on board together with futons can help consumers with their own decorating.

President of a futon mattress Frame maker - Lifestyle Solutions Inc., Sean Pathiratne, can be optimistic about the economy.

"We are making a Lot of investments on product growth," he explained. "The last couple of years, individuals are conservative, but this year [that they ] may have a chance and buy a bit more."

He retains on persuading The consumers and retailers to consider futons as"sofabed convertibles."

A brand new line of imported Futon mattress products from the Orient is included by August Lotz Co., a Wisconsin maker to expand the scale of merchandise and compete with other importers. "These are a bit more upper-end," said Mark Schlichter, president of August Lotz.

In addition, to improve The retail net of Lotzthe president minding a plan of packing a set of futon frame, futon mattress and futon cover in only one box. By continuing to give accent furniture finishes and designs that match his futon frames, Schlichter expects to provide retailers more add on sales opportunities. best futon mattress reviews quality Ever

"This show is going to be Especially exciting since all those specialty sleep makers have been Working hard since High Point to think of new innovations in latex, visco And atmosphere," explained Anthony Santino, vice president of revenue for its bedding Division of Korean-based Zinus Inc."Each of these producers will have Something new and innovative to reveal."
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Posted by RobiNN Last replied by RobiNN 8 months ago

Pre-release: iTheme2 for v9


The iTheme2 ported for v9

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Posted by RobiNN Last replied by RobiNN 8 months ago

Pre-release: Atom-X for v9

The Atom-X theme ported for PHP-Fusion 9

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Posted by jjwichter Last replied by jjwichter 8 months ago

All in one social login

I found this module from drupal that just does that. If this can be made for the login screen as a drop down menu to pick which social media platform you want to use to login and not just facebook. I think that would put PHP Fusion ahead of the pack in CMS. I think that is what lacking in it.


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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by FreedomIOPList 9 months ago

TinyMCE Scrollbars Issue

I am having a problem I've never had with TinyMCE before. It's allowing the content to overflow and create scrollbars and even on saved pages, there's scrollbars. Any ideas on this one? I've attached screenshot.
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Posted by sadamyne Last replied by sadamyne 9 months ago

Infusions menu


I have version 9.02 instaled.
In the admin menu, when i click "infusions" it looks like a menu shows and goes away instantly.

Any idea of how to solve this?

Thanks in advance
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by FreedomIOPList 9 months ago

Need Helping Hand With PHP-Fusion - Will Pay & Split Profit!

I desperately need a helping hand with PHP-Fusion. I need someone that's down for creating new Infusions, Panels and Mods, creating new Themes, modifying existing Add-Ons and just helping out with PHP-Fusion in general. You'll need experience creating Infusions, Panels, Mods and etc. I am looking for someone that will stay onboard long term. I have tons of projects laying around for my PHP-Fusion sites that are going no where because I cannot find a freelancer or anyone to help with my projects. I have two active PHP-Fusion sites right now. I am willing to pay and pay well. I also sell Premium Memberships on both sites and I will split the profit from the Premium Membership sales (after hosting and other costs come out) 50/50 with whoever wants to take on the position. I am just learning to code PHP and just can't complete my projects myself, unfortunately. If anyone is interested, please Message me or reply. I guarantee I can keep you busy for months, you'll always have work.
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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by FreedomIOPList 9 months ago

Stripe.com Subscription Forms Help

Can someone please help me set up Subscription forms on my site for Stripe.com? I am steering away from PayPal and going with Stripe. I have already created a Subscription for $5.00 per month in my Stripe account so that's done. Here's the documentation provided by Stripe for creating the signup form etc: https://stripe.com/docs/recipes/subscription-signup. I tried adding the code to Custom Pages in PHP-Fusion and it's not working there. Can someone please guide me?

Would it be possible to create an Infusion that would allow you to create Stripe forms automatically after creating the Subscriptions in Stripe.com?

Merged on Mar 14 2018 at 05:29:13:
I was able to use JOTForm to accomplish what I needed to do but I still need Stripe integrated as a payment method for the Premium Memberships Infusion from deeone.de if anyone is interested in doing that. I have a whole bunch of PAID PHP-Fusion jobs if anyone is interested feel free to reply or message me.
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Posted by djdandi Last replied by djdandi 9 months ago

Another problems with the site - news, infusion, etc. When the final version PHP-FUSION 9?

Once again I have a problem with the token. When adding new content news, blog, article, I get a token error. Even after the new installation of the latest system release. For this, after a full installation, there are few functions in the system. I miss a website to add news and more. Please, fix it.
When you plan to release a good version because what is now very limp.

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Posted by FreedomIOPList Last replied by FreedomIOPList 9 months ago

Fusion Groups Infusion By Netrix

Although I was unable to find the Infusion here, there is an Infusion by Netrix called Fusion Groups. Basically it allows Users to create and maintain their own groups similar to Facebook.

I am hoping someone here can help me out with it. I accidentally created a group I had already previously created and cannot figure out how to delete the groups. Can someone please help with this?

I am attaching the Infusion (hope Netrix doesn't mind).
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Posted by pitikot Last replied by pitikot 9 months ago


If you want to listen to online radio stations, go to http://www.radiouri.net now.
Here you will find many radio stations broadcasting on the internet.
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Posted by elbasy Last replied by elbasy 11 months ago

Transfer of unique visitors from the bottom to online_users_panel, added a date.

Transfer of unique visitors from the bottom to online_users_panel, added a date.
echo "
\n".showcounter()  .showsubdate()."
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